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Free Desktop Patterns

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Download Instructions

To download any of the desktop patterns I have on my website from the index pages, just right click on the image that you want, and then, in the contextual menu, just select "Save Image As" to download to your computer.

( If you use Firefox and you have "Right Links" installed, you will have to turn that off first, before you can use the right click button on your mouse to bring up the contextual menu. I use "Right Links" all the time, however, when I need to use the right click contextual menu, I just click it off in my main Firefox toolbar. This would be the same for any other browser with a similar extension. )

On some operating systems you can just drag the image off of the webpage onto your desktop.

On the desktop pattern preview pages, you can right click to bring up the contextual menu and then select "View Background Image". When the background image comes up in the new browser window/page, just right click on that and select "Save Image As".

To download all of the pictures on an index page at the same time, go to your browsers "File" menu and select "Save Page As". Then save the page as "Web Page Complete". It will save the webpage and a folder with the images and other stuff in it too. Just throw away the webpage itself, and then open the folder with the images in it and throw away all of the other stuff in it, and just keep the desktop background patterns from the index page.

I thought about putting a download link to a zip file with all of the desktop patterns from the page in it, however, that would take up more space on my web hosting disk and be a little more work for me, but the main reason I didn't is because it is easy enough to just save the web page as. Plus, it is about the same thing anyway.

Preview Instructions

You can preview any pattern on any page just by clicking on the image to take you to the preview page with the background pattern preview of that particular image on it. That way you can see what the pattern will look like as it is used on a larger scale as an actual background.

When you are viewing the previews by clicking on the individual images on the index pages, it is much easier to use your browser's "back" button, then it is to use the link I have in the navigation bar at the top of the preview pages.

If you use the browsers "back" button, it will take you back to the index page that you were on, and at the same spot where you left it. That way you won't have to keep scrolling down the page everytime you view a background preview page and then go straight back to the index.

If you use the link to the index page that is in the navigation bar at the top of the preview pages, it will go back to the top of the index page. Obviously, if you are viewing patterns towards the bottom of the index pages, you will want to go back to where you left the page, not back to the top of the index page and have to scroll down everytime. So using your browser's back button is a better option in this case.

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