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(Create Your Own Website)
Learning HTML & CSS Can Be Fun & Easy

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Learning HTML & CSS
Is Fun And Easy.
(Create Your Own Website)
     This is my first handmade HTML webpage. (Although I originally had this article posted on the Welcome Page, but now decided to give it it's own page.) I made it completely by writing the HTML and CSS code by hand.
     Up until now I have been making my webpages with iWeb '09. IWeb '09 is an excellent application for making webpages; Especially if you don't know how to write HTML code. I made my whole website (almost 600 pages, although a little over 400 of them were my SMARiTT Book posted in 4 different ways) with iWeb, without knowing how to write any HTML or CSS code. However, since Apple didn't upgrade iWeb in their iLife '11 upgrade and since Apple dropped their web hosting service when they switched from Mobile Me to iCloud, I have been a bit skeptical as to whether or not they are going to continue with iWeb. So I decided I better learn HTML and CSS so that I can continue with my website.
     Learning HTML and CSS is quite easy. If I can do it, anyone can do. I only did one 16 page website tutorial to learn basic HTML and about the same, at the same website, to learn CSS. HTML and CSS work together. The 16 pages were very easy and they weren't that long either; And, as you can see, I created this page completely by hand using it. I even fashioned this page to be exactly the same as the page it replaced, and it wasn't even really that hard.
"Websites Are Forever".
     If you want to learn how to make your own website and webpages, just do what I did; Go to and do the tutorial(s). Actually I did a search on the internet to find HTML tutorials and I started with this one. Other than a kind of disturbing picture of David Hasselhoff on the images tutorial page, I think it is very good. It is simple, easy to follow along with, and worked very well for me.
     I recommend doing the tutorials a couple of times. Read through it once, then go back and do all the exercises. Play with it and practice a bit. It is quite easy and can be kind of fun. Then, go back through it again and type out your notes. You are not going to really be able to remember it all until you go through it and make your notes.
     One of the hardest parts about computer programming is that, there is no way you are going to be able to remember it all. So you have to make some good notes to refer to, so you will be able to do it proficiently. My notes are pretty decent for me, but I still have to look stuff up on the internet from time to time, because they are not perfect yet; But it is still pretty easy and I got much of it down pretty good.
     With HTML and CSS I am able to make some really cool pages, and so will you. With just this little tutorial I know I can maintain my entire website really well. I haven't even done the PHP tutorial yet, but I did do a little bit of it. When I learn that a little better, I will know how to do that too. I haven't even tap into the full power of HTML, CSS, or PHP yet, but when I do, I will be able to do a whole lot more with my webpages and website. (LOL)
     After doing this tutorial I went to the w3school website and breezed through their tutorial. You can also use this website as some of your notes or to refer to when you just need to look something up real quick.
     There are a bunch of other sites similar to this and more. So there are many resources to enhance and increase your knowledge and understanding of HTML, CSS, and more.
     You can also go to Youtube and do a search for HTML, CSS, or whatever you are looking for. I have watched several or many videos on HTML, CSS, and other things. Some of them are really very good and I learned quite a bit more by watching these videos. I recommend doing the tutorial first though, so that when you watch the videos you will understand them much better. Plus, you do have to play around with it a bit and do some of your own experimenting with it, so that you will have a better understanding and grasp of it for yourself. It is really quite easy.

     Just follow the links in this article to start you on your way to becoming a website webmaster. It really is kind of fun and once you know how to do it, you can learn how to use your website to make lots of money at your own website business/company.
     (Note: If the SMARiTT people let you. Once SMARiTT comes out and we can all use it for our own defense and the security of ourselves and families, we will all be able to prosper naturally.)
To Start Learning
Go Here;
Picture Link To
Do the little, simple, easy, but very informative tutorials. They worked very well for me.
Then Go To;
Picture Link To w3school
The tutorials here are much easier to understand if you do the other one first. Plus, you can use this site for reference and as some of your notes.
If you do an Internet search for HTML or CSS you will find lots of other sites with lots of great information about it too.
Then Go To;
Picture Link To YouTube
Just do a search within YouTube for HTML, CSS, or whatever you are looking for. There are lots of great videos on the subject and you can really learn alot from them.
Good Luck;
Have Fun;
It's really easier than you think.

Article Posted May 8, 2012 (Proofread, Edited, and,or Updated July 20, 2012)

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