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What is it to a man to acquire more,
but have no soul to enjoy it.

Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton
Second Poem

Ode To The Death Of Evil,
Back and Forth Finally.

By Frederick (Charles Jenkins) Morton

A man of fame and fortune you'll see,

The more gold I get, the bigger I'll be.

A man of conscience as you can see,

A soul I have so true I'll be.

Riches abound and more to get,

Underhanding until quotas are met.

Wisdom is the way to truly be,

Understanding is the way as you will see.

Greed is more to acquire for me,

I'll get there faster as you will see.

The wealth of a soul feels better to me,

Here is where I am, so it is here that I shall be.

Money is power and the easy way out,

I'll spend all my time using my clout.

Money is paper and metal and rocks,

Life is the energy and it never stops.

Farther and faster the more I get,

I'll make it to the end and feel no regret.

You'll make it to the end surely indeed,

But your life is death you must concede.

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