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Understanding The Energy
(What Hard Is)
Is The Key To All Things.

Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton

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They really are watching you on their computer controlled TVs; and they really can hear everything you say; and they really can listen to everything you think with radiowaves (eeewaves); and it is all recorded and stored in their computers "forever". So, even if they are not watching you in real time, they can still watch, listen, and hear you in the time capacities of the recordings.

You do have a right to access it for your own security, protection, and defense. Your tax dollars paid for it.

P.S. Their whole lives are also recorded and stored in the same computers.

     So far, for as long as I have had my website up, (Since April of 2009), I have not received any emails from anyone pertaining to my site or anything else. I wonder if it is the SMARiTT people preventing me from getting any email or if no one has ever emailed me about my site or anything else. Please send me an email to let me know.

Thanks, Fred

Chlamydia is a fatal, sexual transmittable bacterial infection (disease). It is the most common STD, and the reason for that is because it is and can be electronically induce by the SMARiTT people using SMARiTT REMOTEER to do that to people, deliberately and intentionally, on purpose.

This book also contains some insight to the
"Cure For Herpes".

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