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Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton
Donation Notes

I have not received any donations to date. In fact, I have not received ~ not even one email or letter to date, pertaining to my website, or flyers, or anything. (That's more than 11 years of having my website up and running, and over 25 years from the United Stated Post Office.)

(This paragraph was updated April 1, 2020)

I know there are lots of good people out there who would help, or most likely already did, but I have not gotten any of it yet.

With the SMARiTT people,, i.e. The President of the United States of America, Congress, the Federal Government, the State Government, the Local Government, Law Enforcement, The Seattle Police Department, All Police Departments, the Governor of the State, The Mayor, and more, in charge of National Security under SMARiTT, stealing my mail directly from the United States Post Office, before it ever even gets to me, and micro'remote controlling all of the computers (your computer too) to prevent me from ever getting any email, and controlling the Phone Company so that I can't even get any phone calls, I guess they have me completely shut off from ever getting anywhere, or ever having anything, all with the remote control of society and reality with SMARiTT and all while they all watch me on SMARiTT and talk directly through it to me, letting me know that they are doing it. !! Wow.

Their hard point is that I can't prove anything and "no one would believe me anyway".

Now, to be honest, I believe that thousands of people have either sent me a letter through the Post Office, or an email, which is extremely easy to do with a (your) computer, but I have not received ~ not even one legitimate letter or email yet.

Please keep in mind that this is something they can do to anybody they want, by remote control, and the people they do it to will never be able to do anything about it, because they don't have SMARiTT and,or access to SMARiTT to prove it (yet). Since SMARiTT is completely invisible and used in a stealth fashion, no one can prove that it exist. (Hmmmmmm).

I will have more to write about it eventually…

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