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Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton
First Article For Donations

I am asking for donations. I am a writer/author. My work is primarily about truth and reality. I wrote my first book in 1997. It was about SMARiTT. (I will be publishing it here very soon). I tried to market it through mail order, but the SMARiTT people stole my mail "the family way" at the United States Post Office, so that I couldn't make any money off of it, to prevent me from acquiring the resources I need to do more about it, and to prevent SMARiTT from coming out sooner. 911

I have many legal cases against them, for stealing my mail at the Post Office, for extreme medical malpractice, and much more.

When they tried to give me herpes about twelve years ago,, this is when I figured out, for sure, that they invented herpes and AIDS, and pretty much all of the other stuff too. (Please read my book "Please Help Me" for more details about this). At the time I didn't know what herpes was, but my primary efforts went into bringing SMARiTT out first,, because with SMARiTT, we can get to all of it and get it all cured sooner. SMARiTT is the stealth system of monitoring equipment that makes this all possible.

Now, since I have had Chlamydia for over 7 months, due to the professional malpractice at the Harborview STD medical clinic, I have figured out what herpes is. It is Chlamydia tattooed under the skin of the people they gave it to. Curing herpes is similar too curing Chlamydia. The only difference is that I have Chlamydia on the inside of my body. It is actually on the inside of my penis. It has always originated pretty much from the same place in my penis. Herpes on the other hand originates close to the surface of the skin, where the doctor poked each one with a little needle. Therefore, the herpes/chlamydia might be easier to get too. Antibiotics isn't necessarily going to work straight through. Antibiotics has not cured me completely yet (over seven months), but they have saved my life as Chlamydia is a fatal disease/infection and I was very close. They have almost cured me several times, but I have not really had access to what I need properly yet. (Note; Taking antibiotics is very bad for you also, the side effects can be quite severe, be careful and do your research. Talk to your doctor about them. ?) The longer you have Chlamydia, the harder it is to get rid of.

(I will write more about this soon. I am trying to get this done faster, so that I can get it online sooner).

However, antibiotics are the only way for me to get rid of my Chlamydia for right now. I need to have access to the ones that I need to cure mine. Herpes, on the other hand is closer to the surface of the skin. Antibiotics may work to some degree, but they may not cure it completely. However, while having Chlamydia for the first ten weeks, my body and my immune system was becoming quite strained and drained. This caused me to get a second infection. This second infection was in-between my big toe and the one next to it on my right foot. It was a different type of bacteria, but I will write more about it in detail later. It took me about a week and a half to realize this infection. I also researched it on the internet. When I did, I knew I couldn't go to the doctor for it, because they already had me in their SMARiTT sights. So to get rid of this infection, I put a cotton ball with standard Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70% in-between my toes, several times a day, for about 20 to 30 minutes each time. Doing this did cure that infection, but it took about three weeks to be gone. Actually, I think the Chlamydia inside my body, being at 9 to 10 weeks without any antibiotics, affected it to make it last longer in the first place and it was my depleted state of health from the Chlamydia that probably caused it in the first place.

By using the cotton ball with the rubbing alcohol, it did cure the infection, but it also made the skin in-between my toes peel off. It was about two and a half weeks when that happened. The skin in-between my toes kind of got like it was water logged, but it was also like it was a bit dried out from the rubbing alcohol. I kind of left it there for a day, then I just rubbed off the skin with my finger and it was okay. The skin underneath was fine too. It didn't leave any kind of mark or anything so I had no problems with it and it worked just fine. However, the skin on other parts of the body may be different. Also, and I don't know for sure, but people with darker color skin may get a discolored spot from the alcohol. Again, I don't really know, but it might be something to consider.

(So now I have to write a disclaimer. Please note, my level of education in this matter is limited to; being alive for 44 years, being a man of truth, conscience, and common sense, having a common understanding of reality, witnessing first hand the medical professionals trying to do this to me, living with Chlamydia for over 7 months now and quite a bit more. However, I did not go to medical school and I am not a doctor. Please consult a professional doctor before considering anything that I have written here. I cannot be held liable or responsible for any actions taken by any individuals who read this publishment. You must consult a professional doctor first.)

With that said, Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol will kill the bacteria. The alcohol is like an acid to the bacteria and it will burn and dissolve it over a period of time. After all, bacteria is a living micro-organism and it can't survive the affects of the alcohol directly on it. So, if you have herpes and you put alcohol on a cotton ball and held it on your herpes for about 20 minutes, let's say twice a day, your herpes would probably be cured in a couple of weeks. Again, I am not a doctor, Yet, so I cannot be held responsible for any action anyone takes from reading this article. Also, I have to say consult a doctor first, but, unless you know them personally and can trust them it might not do you any good anyway. Note; we all know what hard is and we can all tell when someone is lying or telling the truth, especially in such serious and professional matters as these.

Another thing that might work is an antibiotic cream (I haven't use any of these myself, but I just read about them recently). Neosporin is an over the counter antibiotic cream, i.e. you can get it without a prescription, but I doubt that it would be strong enough to work. They do make antibiotic creams with some of the more powerful antibiotics, but you will probably need a prescription.

Come to think of it, and I thought of it while I was reading about them, they need to make an antibiotic cream for me/guys that would be safe to masturbate with. Putting the antibiotics directly on the source of it would probably make it go away alot sooner. As a guy, I have no way of getting it in there, other then massaging it in there. As for girls, I don't necessarily think they would have to massage it in. They could probably just use an applicator like the ones that come with Monistat. Although I can't really be sure about that since I have no experience with that at all. I very seriously doubt that Monistat is strong enough to kill Chlamydia, but they could make a cream that is.

The best way to get cured of herpes is to find a friend or relative who has a doctor in their immediate family that you can trust and get them to give you the cure. The SMARiTT people know the real energy and they know they can't stop family from helping family.

I would just like to say to the doctors reading this. You really should administer the cure for AIDS and herpes now, because soon we will all be watching you on SMARiTT and listening to you think, and we will all know the truth.

I have alot more to write, but I will leave this at that for right now.

Now, If you would like to help me out with a donation, I do have a Paypal account, so you can just click on the button below.

Originally I had A Paypal Button Posted Here.
I Removed It For This Update And Moved It To
The "Where & How To Donate" Webpage.

If you have a Paypal account you can just log into your Paypal account and do it that way. You can also use your credit/debit card online. Paypal handles the complete transaction and it is generally completely safe. I have been using Paypal for several years now to buy stuff on ebay and I have only had one or two mishaps (most likely the SMARiTT people) that were straightened out within a day or two.

Please Note:
Paypal Donation must be a minimum of 40 cents. (40¢)
If you use Paypal you may not donate less than 40 cents. (.40)

The reason for this is because Paypal takes/gets 30 cents per transaction plus 2.6%. So, if you donated 40 cents, Paypal would get 31 cents and I would only get 9 cents. It is necessary that I write this, just in case the SMARiTT people want to donate 100,000 quarters (25ยข) and then tried to say I owe Paypal 5,000 dollars because Paypal gets 30 cents per transaction. We have all seen stories like this in the news before.

If you would like to donate via the US Post Office my home address is;

Frederick C. Morton

232 Yesler Way, Apt. 1005

Seattle, WA. 98104

NOTE; This address is no longer valid. Check my "Contact Me" page for my current address. )

If you do donate via the post office, Please only send a check or a money order, because they are really stealing my mail at the post office "the family way" and if they continue to do this, at least you will get your money back. However, the more of my mail they steal at the post office, the bigger the lawsuit against them and the longer their sentences will be.

I will only be asking for and excepting donations for ~ until I have enough resources to acquire that which I need to compel them to give me what is already mine, plus a whole lot of damages. If you like my work and think it is a worthy cause, please consider making a small donation.

I will still continue to publish just about all of my work, here on this website, for free.

A Little Bit Of Help Can Go A Long Way.

Thank You.

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