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Grandmom Always Said;
"The First Hundred Years
Are The Hardest".

Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton
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Emails Received
So Far Since 2009
Postal Mail Received
So Far Since 2009

Current & Updated As Of ( January 2, 2020 )

You Can Contact Me At One Or All Of The Following Email Addresses;

The above email addresses have been active since November of 2013 and are still current as of the current date above.
I still am and have always been using these email accounts and yet I have never received any emails from anyone pertaining to anything on my website, including and especially my Presidential Candidacy.

You Can Also Find Me On;

Note: I do not check facebook or twitter that often. I have had both of these accounts since 2012 and I have never received not even one tweet or anything on facebook.

You Can Also Contact Me Through
The Post Office Mail At;

Frederick C. Morton
PO Box 12456
Seattle, WA. 98111

This is my Post Office Box address.
I am now currently Homeless.
Sleeping outside on the sidewalk.
As of December 19, 2016.

I have been professionally, criminially, evicted from the The Frye Hotel Apartments by the SMARiTT people who are; the cops, judges, and lawyers, the President of the United States, (that would be Barack Obama for this term), the congress of the United States, and their agents and staff they put in charge of doing shit like this to people.

They do know that I would be the president of the United States if they weren't pulling this shit on me and robbing me of my money, which is "trillions" of dollars over the past two decades and more.

It really is a wonder that I am and was capable of enduring the constant, excessive, excruciating harrassment and willful infliction of emotional distress at the Frye Hotel Apartments. It really is Federally SMARiTT administrated constant military duress and more.

(I am going to have to leave it short here and write the bigger article on another page.)


You will have to type my email address the first time you email me. I put my email addresses on this page in picture format. You can drag them off of the page to your desktop if you want to and save them for later.

I put them this way to prevent web crawlers and robots from scanning my webpages and obtaining my email addresses to send me a bunch of junk email (spam). I read an article on the internet about internet security once, and it said to do it this way to prevent spam. Mostly, I think it is just the SMARiTT people deliberately doing that to people on purpose to harass and irritate them to keep them down.

I guess we will all be able to find out if it is the SMARiTT people,, when SMARiTT comes out publicly and officially, so that we may all have security and peace of mind.

Updated/Changed Email Addresses on November 11, 2013. The older/other email addresses are still valid. I just wanted to update them to the newer ones. I never did received any emails from anyone pertaining to my website, at the other email addresses.

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