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The Only Thing Necessary For Evil People To Win, Is For Natural People To Do Nothing About It.

Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton
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I haven't received any emails from anyone pertaining to my website yet, for any reason. Must be the SMARiTT people preventing me from getting any email also. Not only are they stealing my mail from the United States Post Office, but they are preventing me from getting phone calls and stealing my email too. Hmmm, boy they sure don't want SMARiTT to come out; But it will anyway; "Forever".

Please send me an email ~ "I will reply". If you don't get a reply from me, that means those SMARiTT asses are stealing my email. Just go to the "Contact Me" page to get my email address. Thanks; I will greatly appreciate it. (Note; I will only reply with a real and personal email, not a computer generated one or an automated one. Thanks Again, in advance.)

Please Note; Sometimes I think I should be working harder to get things done (and I really should be working harder to get things done), but it is just so hard to do with the SMARiTT people constantly irritating, harassing, occupying, violating, and annoying me, all of the time, incessantly, through and with SMARiTT and REMOTEER. I know it is probably like this for a very lot of people. I know how the technology works and why it works that way, and I really do need to write about that too. In fact, I have a great deal of things to write about, (all kinds of things), and yet, it is so difficult with the SMARiTT people constantly distracting me through and with SMARiTT. It can be quite tedious and tiresome, which is why I am on disability for depression in the first place. So if you would; Please send me an email saying something like, "Hang In There" or "Keep Your Chin Up" or something like that, just to cheer me up a little. I would greatly appreciate it. If you don't, that is okay too, I will muddle through. As soon as SMARiTT comes out permanently and forever, millions of people will be relieved from this constant oppression of SMARiTT and,or the SMARiTT people. Thanks for reading my stuff, and thanks in advance if you send me an email. P.S. I will reply.

Color Coding My Links

I am not quite a Webmaster yet, but I am learning and getting closer to becoming one (LOL). So please forgive me if I am a little slow at getting some things done when it comes to my website.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or criticism, please don't hesitate to email me about it.

I am not much of an artist when it comes to painting or drawing pictures. I try to do the best I can with the aesthetics of my webpages. Actually, I kind of think I do a pretty decent job, but I still have trouble with trying to find the right color for different things, or trying to find colors that go together and stuff like that. So if you have any ideas, suggestions, or if something doesn't look right or something ~ please send me an email to let me know.

I am constantly upgrading/updating my website, so if some of the content changes, it is just because I read it again and decided to change, upgrade, or update it. For now I am the only one I have to proofread and edit my stuff. Some of the content on my webpages will change and some of it is permanent. I try to do the best I can with proofreading, but sometimes I don't get them all up front. After I have read it a couple of times and find them, I usually try to fix them right away. I suppose it is not that big of a deal, but I just thought I would mention it here. If you see something that you don't understand, or that doesn't make any sense to you, or if you see a spelling error or something, feel free to send me an email and I will do the best I can to fix it or improve it or whatever it needs, as soon as possible. Thanks.

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