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A Few Notes About "Reported Attack Sites";

1. Some "Reported Attack Sites" may be intentional, I don't really know, but it does sound like something the SMARiTT people would do on purpose.

2. "Reported Attacks Sites" pretty much only affect people who use a Microsoft Windows operating system. I have a Macintosh. Sometimes when I am surfing the web I run into some "Reported Attack Sites". Because I have a Mac, I just enter them anyway. They won't affect my computer or operating system in any damaging way. About 80% of the time, when the webpage loads, the webpage itself doesn't display right or is a bit off. This is an indication that the webpage was made with either bad HTML code or perhaps old, outdated, or incompatible code. It may also have some bad scripts or old and outdated scripts on it too. Again, I don't have to worry about it because I have a Mac. About 20% of the "Reported Attack Sites" I try to enter won't even load the page so I can't see what they were anyway. Probably just poorly written or very bad HTML coding. One time, I think, I don't remember exactly, but I think, one time I tried to enter a "Reported Attack Site" and it may have froze up my browser. It was a while ago. I just restarted my browser and keep going, but it didn't affect my operating system or anything like that. Also, I don't run into too many "Reported Attack Sites" while I am browsing the internet, so it is only occasionally when I do. I would say on average that I run into these webpages about maybe once or twice a month which would only be about 12 to 24 times a year. Maybe not even that much. Anyways, the point of these articles is to just let you know that I wouldn't make any links to any of these sites.

(Note; I shouldn't be to cocky just because I have a Macintosh. I don't want it too sound like, if you have a Mac you can just enter these sites anyway, even though I do most of the time anyway, when I want too. I am kind of an intermediate user. I don't know how to develop software yet but I have just learned how to do HTML coding,, it is quite simple and easy to learn. However, I have been using computers for a while and I have all of my backup systems down pretty good. I use Time Machine to backup my hard drive and I save all of my important stuff routinely. So if something were to happen because I enter these sites anyway, even though it has never happened to me, I could fix it or rebuilt my system rather quickly. Also, as I am sitting here writing this article, I can hear the SMARiTT people thinking, ("Oh, he's writing that, well we will just create a "Reported Attack Site" webpage that will damage the Mac OS, and we can say it was his fault because he wrote that article and he is responsible for the damage to someone else's computer because of it"). So please "Enter at your own risk".)

About Linux operating systems: I do not know if these webpages would damage the Linux operating systems because I don't use them much. I have dabbled a little bit with a few of the distros, but I don't know either way. Although, most of the larger linux distros are pretty secure.

So for the most part, most of the "Reported Attack Sites" are from people using bad HTML code. Although, the ones that are intentional, are most likely the SMARiTT people doing it, or responsible for it. What a bunch of SMARiTT asses. You always know it is them when it happens to you, because you can hear and feel them watching you.

Article Posted January 12, 2012 (Proofread, Edited, and,or Updated November 14, 2013)

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