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Investigations 101…
If it exists; They are probably using it.


The Redcoats In The Government Are Really Watching You.

Stealth Monitoring And Recording inner Telecommunications Technology

SMARiTT Is Absolutely Real.
          Television is real, radio is real, telephones are real, cell phones are real, cameras are real, micro-cameras are real, microphones are real, computers are real, video recording is real, audio recording is real, radio eeewaves are real, neewaves are real, microchips are real, and so on, and so on. All SMARiTT is ~ is the use of all of this stuff in a stealth, invisible, hidden, clandestine fashion. "It really does exist". All technology, since it’s invention, was used in a stealth fashion and for military purposes first, before it was ever sold on a (the) commercial market.
          I currently only have one book written about SMARiTT at this time. I would have more than that written about it by now, but it is quite difficult with the SMARiTT people constantly harassing me and robbing me of my mail at the US Post Office “the family way”. My book is only 98 pages, so it should be an easy read, however, it is pretty good, so you will probably want to read it several times. Just click the link above to go to the intro page. From there you can read it online or download it and read it whenever want.
          I got Chlamydia in November of 2008. I went to the Harbor View STD clinic three times to get cured. The first doctor gave me fake pills, and the next two doctors tried to suggest/convince/get me to believe that it might be something else.
          They really tried to give me false surgery or put me on pills for the rest of my life or worst. I had to write a book about it, just to try and get the antibiotics I needed to get cured and too save my life. Chlamydia is a deadly, fatal “infection” (disease).
          What makes this all possible is the remote control of society and reality with SMARiTT.
          The book is only 31 pages, so it should be a quick read.


(National Security Equipment ?)
(Book 1)

They Really Are
Watching You.

SMARiTT is absolutely real. It has been around longer than you or I have. All governments of all the industrialized and electronically proficient countries have and use SMARiTT. SMARiTT was an absolute primary weapon in World War One and World War Two. It has been use for more than a century. All electronic technology was used in the stealth fashion first, before it was ever put on a commercial market.

I have written a book to prove beyond a "shadow" of a doubt or an invisible man, that SMARiTT is real. Of course, you already know it is, but you should read the book anyway. It is free and it's a very good read too. I should know, I wrote it. (LOL)

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