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(Stealth Monitoring And Recording inner Telecommunications Technology)
(National Security Equipment ?)
     All crimes are committed in the stealth fashion. They would have to be, simply because the person committing the crimes wouldn't want to get caught. If they were, someone would probably want to do something about it.

     The only way to commit crimes outright (even though it would still be in an underhanded, underlying way), would be ~ to be in charge of the law and,or government and military. Like in World War 2… And to have the security to be able to get away with it, (or at least be capable of thinking you are going to get away with it, hmmmmm).
     Note; SMARiTT was used heavily and excessively in WW2, not only for espionage, but also, and more so, to remote control their troops and personnel and to monitor all aspects of everything to have an/the advantage.

     All throughout history, in all evil domestically governed societies, it was/is the people in charge of government, military, and law enforcement who were responsible for all of the crimes. Especially Law Enforcement.

     If the people who are the government (in charge of the government) are doing it right, it will be right. If the people who are in charge of the government are doing it wrong, then they are responsible for everything that is wrong.

     Using technology in the stealth fashion has been around since the invention of technology. In fact all technology is assessed and developed for military use and more.

     Using audio and video recordings and monitoring have always been used in the stealth fashion for espionage since the late 1800's.
     Using radio waves to monitor and record a person's thoughts, feelings, and emotions (energy), most likely came about in the early 1900's… And I do mean within the first ten years of the 1900's. Although, as the upgrades go, I'm sure it developed rapidly as the effort put into it would be a priority for such a magical and inhuman weapon/device/power.
     I would assess that the ability to use radio waves to monitor, record, and listen to a person's thoughts came about when they were researching and developing radio waves for radar.
     I would farther assess that it is most likely using blank radio waves to receive the energy (signals) at the source. The source being you or anyone else who has a brain or energy. They can also use it on animals and other living being as they too have their own energy, thoughts, feeling, and emotions, but that is another article.

     It seems like I am saying this a bit much, but, "it is also my professional assessment" that the evil invisible homosexuals in charge of evil used SMARiTT and REMOTEER to instigate and cause World War 1.
     World War 2 was kind of an extension of WW1. In WW1, the technology was still somewhat new, but still very, inhumanly powerful. In WW2, the excessive mass production of all of this stuff and the further, higher development of it was used.
     In the nineteen thirties with the development of computers and micro technology, it made alot of this stuff easier to manage, organize, control, etc.

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