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One If By Land,
Two If By Sea,

Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton
For President Of The United States Of America 2020

I, Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton,
Am Running For
The Presidency Of The United States Of America.

It is most likely that I would have been the President in the 2004 election, and actually, it may have even been possible that I might have been the president in the year 2000 Presidential election. However, it didn't work that way because the Redcoats in charge of SMARiTT have been stealing my mail from the United Stated Post Office for over 20 years to prevent me from having an income, at my home-based business, and alot more. They have also been remote controlling my computer, and everybody else's computers… (All computers are connected to their/the master computer(s) and they can control the internet and everything else with them)… To steal of all my emails to prevent me from getting any pertaining to my business or anything else that may aid me in my ability to make or have any money.

(Obviously, they can do this to anyone they want too. I will be writing more about this later or sooner, which ever comes first.)

The first thing on the agenda, as President, is to bring SMARiTT and REMOTEER out publicly forever, and to educate everyone to it,, what it is, how long it has been around, what it has been used for, and that everyone has a right to use it for their own security and protection, as well as, for their families, community, neighborhood and country… And of course, everyone has a right to use it in a court of law for their own defense and to prove their innocents, "beyond a shadow of a doubt".

SMARiTT is the use of monitoring and recording equipment in the stealth fashion. However, SMART (Seen Monitoring And Recording Technology) is still about 80 percent of the permanently installed security system that has already been installed in the US since it's invention. All of this technology can be, and is, centrally controlled and remote controlled by a computer (computers) and the people who operate and,or control, and,or have access to these/the computer.

This technology, stealth or otherwise, has been used and installed all over the world by all of the industrialized countries. Since it's invention. In at the very least the early 1900's.

Please note, I do not have to become the president for this to take place. It is absolutely necessary that SMARiTT and REMOTEER come out and KMT used right, and anyone running for president should be questioned as to what they are going to do about it and,or with it. As well as, the person who is already the President and congress and anyone else in public office who has "the real job". (The Mayor, The Governor, Congressman, Representatives, The Sheriff, etc., etc., etc.)

However, as President, I will most assuredly be letting everyone in on it.

And just to prove that I am more than qualified to be the President Of America, and that I do understand the international capacities of SMARiTT, and a whole lot more… When SMARiTT comes out permanently forever, here in the United States, it will also come out everywhere in the world the same.

(You can't keep something a secret, that everyone knows about, even if it is invisible.)

I have lived in Germany for 2 years when I was in the US Army, back in 1985 and 1986, so I am more then aware of how the Deutsch use it on their own people. I was in London, England for a day, back in the summer of 1986, so I am quite aware that it was being used there too. (I was just on a 48 hour lay over from the airport in Mindenhall, on my way back to the states for vacation, flying space available on an Army airplane.) I have been to Canada on both the East Coast and the West Coast. When I was stationed at Fort Drum, New York in 1987 and 1988, we used to go to Canada sometimes, just for fun. I've been to Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston, 1000 islands, and around the general area. We toured the Parliament building and some museums and other stuff in downtown Ottawa. We went to the Drag races in Montreal. We used to go dancing in Kingston. Etc. On the west coast, I have been to Victoria Canada, just for a 3 day weekend vacation. I have been to Tijuana, Mexico back in 1990. I was on vacation in San Diego, California and you can just take one of the trains down to the border and go over into Tijuana. The point is that I have been around to other countries, I have been through at least, about half of the United States, and no matter where I go, SMARiTT was permanently installed there and was being used by the people who are the government. Except in Tijuana. There it wasn't the Mexican government using it on their own people, it was the American government using it.

As the President, SMARiTT is not the only thing I can do to make the world a better place, however, up front, it is the most important.

Honestly, I do everything right and I have always been a good person. I know how to set up the education system properly forever and a whole lot more.

Being that I am working alone, without any staff, personnel, or any help, it is difficult and time consuming to be able to write everything out by myself. It is part of the advantage the SMARiTT people in the government have over everyone else, where as, they have a staff of hundreds or thousands of people they can have to work on it for them. This is especially most severe in a court of law… And one person up against a gang of people using technology for their advantage can be quite a task, but not impossible. Although, when we all have access to the audio and video recording transcripts of every court and trial, and everything else, it will level the playing field. Of course, we all know the truth is self evident and all men are create equal.

Please go to my Articles page to learn more about my campaign and the other things that need to get done… And perhaps, please consider a small donation to my campaign fund to help me acquire the resources I need to make America a better place… And the rest of the world too. Farther more, I have alway been Of The People, By The People, And For The People. Even as the President, I will still always be one of the people. It is the responsibility and duty of all government personnel to serve the people honestly and genuinely and to kept everyone informed as to what is going on in their country, community, etc. I will be letting everybody in.

Note: I started running for President Of The United Stated in October of 2015 for the 2016 Presidential Elections. That election was and,or is rigged by the people in charge of the security of the United States Of America with SMARiTT. "Donald Trump has always been a SMARiTT person".

Anyways, it was rigged by keeping me out and stealing my US postal mail, my email, and everything else to keep me without funds and,or resources. They even falsely evicted me from my low-income housing in a fake/mock trial and stole all of the little bit of property I did have.

I am still running for President Of the United States of America for 2020. All of my campaign articles are still valid and will not change. They will only get better. Actually, I am not writing them for a campaign, I am just writing the stuff that needs to get done and a whole lot more.

I really will take care of it and get it done.

Right Is Right,
Right Is Might,
But When The Wrong People Have You Out Numbered And Can Centrally Remote Control Society And Reality And Their Staff And Troops With SMARiTT/ SMART,, Computer Controlled, It Is The Only Way They Can Be Wrong And Get Away With It.
(The Right People Need To Be In Charge Of SMARiTT).

Opening Posted October 5, 2015 (Proofread, Edited, and,or Updated August 25, 2019)

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