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Presidential Website Update 2020
Of Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton

June 19, 2020

I have been upgrading my Website a bit. I am still running for President Of The United States Of America. I have not stopped running for President, it has just been a bit difficult to get any work done while I am down, homeless, and without any resources.

So far, I have not received any support of any kind from anyone in anyway for my campaign for Presidential Election.

I have not received any emails from anyone pertaining to my Presidential Campaign. Not even one person has sent me an email wishing me good luck or even one person who thinks I am stupid, ridiculous and what makes me think I can win or be the President anyway. (LOL)

I have not received any US Postal Mail either. The same as email.

I have not received any Presidential Campaign Donations from anyone either.

I have not received anything at all from anyone at all for anything.

Either no one wants me to be the President or the Redcoats have stolen it all as the government, law enforcement officials, the press, the media, and the people in charge of national security. Or national insecurity as it were or is.

Please note that I am only asking for Presidential campaign donations because I am quite destitute. I do get disability, but that is only enough to make it through the month for the basic and common needs.

I can't believe that many or even maybe all of the other candidates are asking for donations. None of them are destitute and there is a lot more to it then that. There is always more to it than that.

Here in Seattle, I don't know if they are doing this everywhere else too, but they have imposed a tax against the people to give themselves free money for their campaign donations. Imagine that. Well, actually you don't have to imagine that because it is actually real. It seems that they have passed it as a law.

They think they can military take peoples money under the pretense that it is free gifts to themselves for their campaigns and if you don't give them your money for free they can just take it from you anyway or put you in jail for not giving it to them.

Something has definitely got to be done about that.

Vote for me for President and I will take care of it.

The only reason I am poor and destitute is because they have been stealing my money/mail from the United States Post Office for 25 years straight preventing me from having a business and doing business, so that I can't make any money for myself and my family, which I don't have because of this, and a whole lot more. They are actually not only stealing my mail, but they are stealing from me and preventing me from having or making any money at all for anything. This will all come out eventually and,or soon.

Obviously the number one way to rig the elections is with communism and robbery to keep all of the good people out and down so no one can do anything about it. And using SMARiTT to do it with is quite extreme and inhuman.

It definitely goes much deeper and longer than this. It can be quite arduous and time consuming to put it into words and write it all down on paper.

"They know it too". It is a real and severe advantage they have when it comes to running the courts of law. They have thousands of writers and you are all by yourself.

However, the bottom line is that they have SMARiTT to do it all with and you and I can't do anything about. Unless SMARiTT comes out and we use it right, properly.

Vote for me to be in charge of SMARiTT and I will make sure that it comes out and is used properly.

Donald Trump and most of, if not all of the other people, politicians, candidates, etcetera, have already, always been using SMARiTT for at least most of their whole life. ? Wonder what they are using it for. "We shall find out".

I have posted several new articles;

Homeless Again… November 2019 Update

(Note: I started writing this in November of 2019, but I have not finished it yet. However, I feel that I need to post what I have done so far and leave it at that, until I get around to completing it fully. I have a whole bunch of other stuff to write and post to further describe and outline my campaign. When I have more resources I will be able to get much more done quicker.)

Which brings me to my next article;

Not Finished Yet Note.

In order for me to be able to work on many different things and article as I need too, I may not be able to have the time to write everything to completion. So I have decided to just make a note saying that an article is not finished yet. This way I can work on other stuff and get more done, rather than being committed to the time it would take for me to complete every single article, all of the time.

When I have a staff of people I will be able to get things done a whole lot faster. Also, writing about it isn't necessarily the same as getting the work done. Doing the work and getting it done can be a whole lot more important. However, I can't get any of it done unless you vote for me.

I have also partially written the next article;

The Source, The Origin, The Roots Of All Evil…

I find it necessary that everyone understands what evil is and where it comes from. It is only human and it is the queers in charge of law enforcement who run the company, the government, law enforcement and military as their own personal company. Sharing,, ruling the world with their faggot lovers together,, underhanded, off the record, lying about it and their homosexuality, and more. This is the eternal, forever, timeless truth about what evil is, where it comes from, and who they are.

These are the same timeless methods and tactics that have been used all throughout history for the same viol and oppression.

(Note: Viol is short for and,or means, violent, unnatural, sadistic crap.)

Don't get me wrong. If you are a homosexual because you want to be, then that is your choice. I totally agree that everyone has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, if you are a homosexual because the evil faggots made you have to be one, then you know I am right outward. There is so much more to this then I can write out for right now, however, the ability to make people do or be something they don't want to do or be is all done with SMARiTT, "nowadays", and being in charge of law enforcement and the courts and the prisons.

When SMARiTT comes out and is used right, they won't be able to do this anymore. And we will all know who their invisible, magical, queer asses are. I hope that didn't sound a bit to direct or straight forward, I think I probably have a bit of Thomas Jefferson in me.

I will have much more to say about it in articles to come.

Thank you for coming to my website and reading my work.

Please vote for me to be in charge of SMARiTT, and to bring SMARiTT out, so that we all can use it properly for the right reasons and what is necessary.

July 29, 2020

I have posted two new articles/sections.

The Two Elements Of Law and New Laws

August 6, 2020

I have posted my preliminary page/articles for The Education System

August 20, 2020

I proofread the June 19, 2020 update on this page here. I only found one spelling error and I added a couple of punctuation marks.

I also changed the Philosophy box at the top of the page on the 2016 Updates page;

From This:

We Are Not Even Friends; We Sure As Hell Ain't Family !

To This:

We Are Not Even Friends, So We Sure As Hell Ain't Family !

I just changed the semicolon to a comma and added the word "So". I think it reads better that way.

I also did a small edit on the The Source, The Origin, The Roots Of All Evil page.

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