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The Education System
By Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton

The Education System

The education system must be improved/changed/amended properly and appropriately and with the absolute total respect for truth, common sense, actual real knowledge and more. It really is just the easy.

The only problem with making the education system work right, and everything else is that the redcoat faggots aren't going to like it very much. They are "the people" in charge of everything wrong. They are "the people" in charge of making everything wrong. They are "the people" in charge of keeping everything wrong. They are "the people" in charge of keeping everyone down. They are "the people" in charge of making sure no one else can do it right. Obviously they are government officials in charge of law enforcement and national security and apparently they live to just do everything wrong/backwards. I have more to say about this, but I am going to leave it here for now, so that I can get on with the education system and the improvements and,or changes that are necessary to make it more realistic and proper for everyone equally.

I already know how to do all of this, but it is difficult for me to write it out respectively, because it is a whole bunch of little stuff that will go together to make the whole more realistic and commonly, normally proper. So I will do the best I can for now to write it out properly, however, when I have a staff of people it will be and go much easier and faster. Also, for me, it would be even easier to just do the work "implement it" and get it done and if and,or when I am the President of The United States of America I will be able to do just that.

For starters, the school system for the most part will be pretty much the same. Although I can't see why they can't also be used for a day care center for single parents so that they may acquire and,or obtain gainful employment. After all, it would only be a couple of extra hours before and,or after school and the kids already have to go there anyway. So there shouldn't be any problems with the kids getting there a little earlier so that their parents can go to work and as far as I know, most schools are opened an hour or two after school for after school activities and other things anyway.

Of course this will require a little more looking into on my part but it really does seem to be just that easy. At least for kids who are 5 years old and over who already go to school anyway. I am not sure about kids younger than that. That would require a bit more research to see if it is feasible or not.

No matter what grade a person is in or what facility they take a test at, all tests will be given back to the people who took them and they will be appropriately marked to clearly show the person who took the test which questions they got wrong if any, and why and,or what the actually or true answer is. The tests are and will be the property of the person who took them. This also includes tests for civil service jobs, military, and any other government facilities and,or jobs.

I already know what the opposing argument against this will be, as I have heard it before, however it absolutely pales in comparison to the many arguments and necessity for it and of it.

If fact, I find it necessary to establish this as a law.

I have much more to say on this subject, including my own personal experiences with them rigging and altering tests that I have taken and more. However, I am going to move on to the next point about the education system, so as to attempt to present more of an outline of the things that need to be done for a more realistic and honest education system, rather than to spent more time trying to write this out to completion at this time.

Quick Note: I was even on a Metro Bus one time here in Seattle and this lady on the bus was talking about how she just got fired from her civil service job because they said she didn't pass the civil service test she had just taken. It was a written test. The thing about this was that she had already worked there for 17 years and it was quite obvious to me that they just used that as an excuse to fire her after 17 years on the job so that she wouldn't get her pension. I am sure it was obvious to her too, but she couldn't do anything about it. (The redcoat faggots do it in the back room like they are saving money for the company, however we all know they just like fucking with people, taking it out of them, and keeping people down. (!? Who ever said the United States Government was their company anyway.))

This Article Is Not Finished Yet. There Is Still More To Come.
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Article Posted August 6, 2020

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