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Staff And Personnel
By Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton For President

Staff and Personnel
is and can be quite a "big" issue.

They have a staff of millions of people at tax payers expense, for free, under SMARiTT, and you/me/we don't. Of course, the President of the United States is the number one man responsible for running the company and for the actions of all it's employees.

(The United States Government is a company with the highest income/revenue and more employees than any other company in the US, and of course, all of the money the government makes is free money they just tax the people for.)

(There is no taxation without representation in America. If there is, maybe the redcoats have taken over. The President is and should be held responsible for that.)

Whenever a person goes to court for whatever, the judge, the lawyers, the police officers can all work together "the family way" under SMARiTT. They can have as many writers as they want, watching the recordings, to write the script which will be their case and how they are going to play their characters.

(This does not constitute a fair trial).

(Everyone has a right to have access to, watch, and use the recordings).

It is very difficult for me to get alot of things done by myself. Working by myself, I can only get one thing done at a time. If I had a staff, personnel, employees, I could get sixteen things done all at the same time. By the federal, state, and local government officials and their staff and employees stealing my mail, my email, my phone calls, they are preventing me from being able to get things done. They are preventing me from hiring employees. They are preventing me, "intentionally" from being able to run for president appropriately, and have a proper campaign. (This constitutes rigging the elections).

There will be more to come…

There will always be more to come. But once we get it right, it will be a whole lot less work.

The Most Important Fight You Will Ever Fight Is The One Inside Yourself.

This Is The One That Will Decide If You Are To Be Yourself Or What Somebody Else Has Made You.

They Can Get Inside Everyone's Mind, Body, And Thoughts, (Electronically, Electro-Magnetically).

Article Posted July 16, 2016

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