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The Right To Bear Arms
By Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton

Right To Bear Arms

At the time of the writing of The Constitution, in the late 1700's, guns were the most powerful weapons on the planet. They did have cannons, but you couldn't actually fit one of those in your pocket or carry it around with you wherever you go.

Today weapons/arms have come a long way. SMARiTT and REMOTEER are the most powerful weapons of today. Part of the inhuman power of SMARiTT is that it is completely invisible and can be used by people, on other people, by remote control, from a long, or short distance away.

It can be used in all kinds of ways also, such as, it can be used to monitor/surveil/stalk a single person to target them to commit an inhumanly timed and planned crime against them. It could be used to remote control the assailants a person, (a General), has sent to commit the crimes for them. It can be used to affect and,or afflict a person's psychological, mental, and,or emotional state in order to subdue them and make them more vulnerable and,or susceptible to attacks of some kind of nature. It can be used for the security of committing the crimes so that not only can it be used for the security of committing the crimes while the crimes are in progress, but it can be used to watch their backs forever, (as long as they have it to themselves and keep everybody else out).

REMOTEER is the most powerful part of SMARiTT. The ability to access a person's mind, thoughts, feelings, energy, and emotions with radio waves is inhumanly powerful and can be used for severe and inhuman things.

There is no defense against SMARiTT, other then to use and access SMARiTT (bear SMARiTT), to see "who" used SMARiTT, to do it with. (Note; I am using the term SMARiTT here just in short so that I don't have to write out SMARiTT/SMART everytime. However, when I write SMARiTT it also implies and infers SMART.)

(The President Of The United States Of America is the highest ranking official in charge of SMARiTT here in America. Note that the governments of all the other industrialized countries also have and use SMARiTT in a similar fashion.)

When it comes to SMARiTT/SMART and REMOTEER, I am going to leave it short here, for now, as I have alot of other work and articles to write, and it would probably take me, at least months, (by myself), to write out a more detailed account of what SMARiTT can be, or is used for and then some.

(You can read more about it in my SMARiTT Book as I have already written a book about it in 1997.)

I am sure most of you can think about it for yourself and assess the capabilities of what SMARiTT can be and is used for, etc.

SMARiTT is not the only weapon/arms that is prevalent today. (Although it is the most powerful and used for the "security" of just about everything else.)

Knowledge is, or can be, used as a weapon. If they have it and you don't, it can severely be used to harm you. I am primarily speaking of the medical industry here, but it can apply to many other things.

(Note that with the education system set up properly, this will be a much less severe issue. I already have plans to set it up properly and I know the majority of the people will like it and want it to be that way too. It is really quite simply. In short, all classes, courses, etcetera, will be in book form (and,or audio book or even video), and put on the internet for everyone to access, "for free". All you will have to do is read the book and go take the test to get credit for that course. I have much more to write about it and there will be a bit more details to it, but this is in short. Also, that especially includes the medical knowledge and books and courses. The law on the other hand is much more simpler than that and all of the law books will be on the internet for easy download and study, or to just look stuff up. The law is simply, of the people, by the people, for the people, and only people are in charge of it.)

The right to use monitoring and recording equipment to provide security for one's own home, family, and,or premises falls under the right to bear arms. If criminals are using it to commit crimes against you, in a more highly secure, inhuman way,, you are never going to be able to catch them, or stop them, or protect yourself from them if you don't or can't use it to.

If the government, i.e., the police, judges, lawyers, the mayor, the governor, the President Of America, congress, etcetera,, dictate that you can't use it, then it is most likely that they are the administrators of the crimes and this is exactly why "The Right To Bear Arms" is a "Constitutional Amendment".

The right to record your own phone calls also falls under the right to bear arms. The United States Federal Government is in charge of National Security and controls the phone company and communications, and monitors, (whenever they want), and records all phone calls ever made in the country and around the world, (in computers).

For the government to record everybody's phone calls and then dictate that people are not allow to record their own phone calls could very well be considered treason.

There can also be simple reasons why a person would record their own phone calls, such as, if someone gave you their phone number and you wanted to check the recording to remember what is was, or if you made an appointment with someone and you forgot what time the appointment was for, and obviously if someone is harrassing you or threatening you, you do have a right to aquire evidence to get that person.

Abraham Lincoln wrote;

No Man Has A Good Enough Memory To Be A Successful Liar .

This was true when he wrote it, however, nowadays, using the recordings for memory allows a person or group of people the ability to have a good enough memory to be a successful liar as it is recorded into their/the computers forever, and if they are using it that way, you have a right to use it the other way for your own defense, security, and to get them for doing it.

I have more to express and write about this subject, but I am going to leave it here for now. When I can employ a staff and some personnel to help me with dictation, typing, proofreading, research, computer tasks, etc.,, I will be able to get alot more done all at the same time. It is an advantage they have over you in a court of law and in many other things. However, we are a government of the people, by the people, for the people, and all government employees, including the President is and should be there to serve you, (We The People).

Please vote for me for President. I really will take care of it.

However, if you don't, you really should find out where your, and the other candidates, stand on these issues.

Posted July 24, 2016 (Proofread, Edited, and,or Updated August 4, 2016)

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