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Only The "People" In Charge Of
The Security Of The Elections (The Vote),
Can Rig Them.

Rigging The Elections (The Vote)
By Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton

Rigging The Elections

There are many ways to rig the elections, (the vote). Back, before electronic technology there were at least several ways to try and rig the vote, however, with electronic technology, (computers and SMARiTT), rigging the vote can be a whole lot easier and open up much more ways to do it.

Please keep in mind that only the government officials in charge of national security, security, the security of the elections and the vote, law enforcement officers/officials/investigators, can actually be capable of, have access to, and have the security to be able to rig the vote.

I remember in middle school, in about 6th, 7th, or 8th grade in history class, we learned about how they, (the redcoat queers), used to rig the elections. Or at least tried to rig the elections. The only one I remember from back then in history class was the cemetery vote. The cemetery vote being that they would use the names of people who had recently passed away to cast ballets.

(I did a quick look up on the internet/computer while I was writing this. The stat that I have found said that almost 2.5 million people die per year in the US. If they used the cemetery vote for about 4 years worth, that would be about 10 million votes they could rig… And since all of this stuff is maintained in their computers, and they can just use the computer to do it with, it would make it very easy for them to do it. As long as they are in charge of security and they can keep everybody else out.)

Today, with SMARiTT, there are so many, much, more, ways to rig the elections that I probably couldn't think of all of them. However, with SMARiTT we really can find them all, but in actuality, it really is and,or would be, just the people who are or would be doing it, and primarily, it can only be the people in charge of security (with SMARiTT).

There are many other ways to rig the elections by having computer, SMARiTT enhancements. I was going to put a list here, but I want to talk/write about them in a more indepth way, and to do that will take me some time to write out, so I am going to leave it here for right now, so I can upload this page to my website and get it published. I am sure most of you can think of many ways it can be done also, with SMARiTT. When I write the individual articles about the ways that I want to be known and published, I will put the list here and build it up as I go.

Please keep in mind that the President is the highest ranking official in the United States and is responsible for the security of everything. Even if you don't vote for me, you should find out where the President and the other candidates stand on SMARiTT and the security of everything, with SMARiTT, including the Pentagon and what flew into it on 911.

In short, one of the ways they can rig the elections is to steal peoples mail, email, phone calls, etcetera, to prevent them from owning a business, marketing their products, having an income and resources to provide for the proper financing of a campaign. (i.e. making sure people don't have any money to keep them down and out, and so they can't do any good for their country.)

In actuality, with the remote control of society and reality with SMARiTT, they can control a person's, (every person's), pursuit of happiness, financial prosperity, state of living, quality of life, etcetera,, financially and otherwise.

SMARiTT is paramount and is number one on my/the agenda. Everyone has a right to use it and access it for the security of themselves and their families, loved ones, community, state, and country, etcetera.

I Am Not Just Running For President,
I Am And Have Always Been One Of The People.

Article Posted August 2, 2016 (Proofread, Edited, and,or Updated August 4, 2016)

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