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The President Of The United States Is…
By Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton

The President Of The United States is…

The Commander and Chief of all United States Armed Forces.

The highest ranking military official.

The highest ranking police officer.

The highest ranking judge.

The highest ranking official in charge of National Security.

The highest ranking official in charge of SMARiTT.

The highest ranking investigator in charge of all or any investigation.

In charge of and out ranks the Post Master General.

In charge of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

In charge of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

In charge of the government/company personnel.

In charge of the federal budget/taxes, etc.

In charge of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

In charge of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

In charge of the NSA (National Security Agency).

Et cetera, etcetera, etc.

This is what real is and it does have to be that way. The president is in charge of, and responsible for, everything that goes on in America. That is why we the people vote for and elect the person we want to be in charge of it.

So for instance, if 200 banks in the south give higher interest rates on savings accounts to lure as many people as they can into putting their money in their banks, then waits for it to peak, and then goes out of business and keeps everybodies money. (The President is responsible for that).

If national security is lowered to the lowest it has ever been in American History, and the buildings start blowing up… (The President is responsible for that).

If a judge sentences someone to a inhumanly severe sentence, like 20 years in prison for firing a gun into the air for self defense while they are being threatened by an assailant, (The president is also responsible for that too.)

I have much more to write and,or say on this subject,
but I am going to leave it here for now.

Please vote for me, I will take care of it.

(Of course, I will be using SMARiTT/SMART to do it with,
as it would not be possible otherwise.)

Article Posted July 16, 2016

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