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Proper National Medical Insurance
By Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton For President

Proper National Medical Insurance

It should be fairly easy to come up with a national medical insurance plan that would provide the proper medical care and coverage for everyone equally. However I can not put together any numbers as to what it would or should be, because I do not, at this time, have access to the data I would need to be able to assess what it would be.

As president I would keep you informed every step of the way, as we the people of the United States of America, in order to form, have, and maintain a more perfect union, establish justice (what the laws are), insure domestic tranquility, and provide for a common future, for the safety, health, welfare, and well being of all people equally.

(It is already the law and the American way that all government officials, especially the elected officials, are required to keep the people informed as to what is going on in America, so that we the people (by majority), can decide what we want it to be,, and the president is the highest ranking official and the primary one required to do so. (Of the people, by the people, for the people.))

As for the medical industry and to come up with what would be necessary to provide for a realistic assessment of what a national medical insurance plan would cost, I will primarily need to see what the profit margins are for the medical industry, and lots of other stuff pertaining to the money/costs of the medical industry. Such as, how many people use or need medical care per year, how many operations are performed per year, how many people are on prescription drugs and what they have to pay for them, and a whole bunch of other stuff along these lines.

(It will be fairly easy to access all of this information, as it is all stored and contained in the computers. I personally don't have access to these computers yet, which is why I cannot speculate on what the cost of a national medical plan would be, but the president does have access to these computers, whomever it is/was/may be.)

As for the costs of the medical industry, it will be fairly easy to lower the costs of all of this stuff, simply by getting rid of all of the fraud, corruption, and especially the malpractice that the industry is quite confident in,, because they have SMARiTT for their security and administration.

In actuality, whatever the current profit margins are and,or costs of the medical industry are, would be false and misleading as the books/accounts would reflect all of the profits from all of the corruption, fraud, and malpractice also. Which would obviously show a much higher profit margin then it would actually be if not for the racketeering. Once we get rid of the evil, we will be able to see what the actual costs would really be.

As for the fraud and corruption, there is probably much more than I know about personally, specifically, however, that will be easily taken care of when I have access to and use SMART/SMARiTT and the computers to check up on everything. Not to mention, access to the police, the courts, investigations, etcetera to see how many claims are made and what the contingencies are.

(As the president, I will personally be able to investigate anything I want, and,or send my staff to investigate for me and report back to me, the same as any president can.)

(Note; I am only one man, same as the president is only one man, or woman if that is what the case may be, however, when I have my staff, I will be able to get things done a whole lot faster and with the proper staff I should be able to get a hundred things done in a day.

As for the malpractice,, this is excessively quite severe. I myself have been personally affected, afflicted, and a victim of it myself. You can read more about one of my incidents in my book " Please Help Me, I Have Chlamydia ", however, that is not all. When I was six years old I had a hernia operation in which I didn't need. At the time I was only six years old and I didn't know any better. I just went along with what the adults said. Also, a dentist literally put a hole in my tooth with a metal instrument on purpose, but then tried to act like it was an accident and had intentions of trying to get me to let him back into my mouth again so he could fix it. There was not a chance in hell I was going to let that happen. This dentist was a Colonel in the US Army and it was during my final physical when I got out of the Army in 1988. Again, this is not all, I have several other incidents to write about, but I am going to leave it here for now. I may write it out further at some point, and I had/have intentions of doing so, but I have more pressing things to work on and I don't feel like writing a book about it right now. The point is, "I know about the severe malpractice of the medical industry personally", and I will surely have a "very real" personal interest in making it right and preventing such incidents of any kind from happening to anyone.

Article Posted August 23, 2016

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