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Please Help Me "I Have Chlamydia"
By Frederick Charles Morton
First Public Edition
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Free Book !!
By; Frederick Charles Morton
Very Important !! This Book Can Save Lives !!!
Maybe even your own or someone you love or care about.
It may also contain the Cure for Herpes !!!
I am only handing out this flyer instead of the book itself because it cost too much
money to print the book and I only want to give it to those who will actually read it. So
please ask me for one while I am handing out this flyer. It is free.
You can also download my book for free on the internet at; (and just follow the links.) Or
(Please Note; web addresses must be exact including capitol letters)
         The book is about my recent experience at the Harborview STD medical clinic,
325 9th Ave., Seattle, WA. 98104 (Ground Floor East Clinic Wing) and their highly
developed, professionally skilled, willful, and deliberate malpractice. They actually have
training in controlling their energy (what hard is) to professionally deceive people for
willful and deliberate malpractice. You need to know this stuff so they won't be able to
do it to you.
         I contracted Chlamydia. Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). More accurately, it
is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection. Chlamydia is the most common STD. The reason for this is
because it is the one that is and can be electronically induced with SMARiTT directly. It is also caused
by making people do it wrong "the family way" by the remote controlled of society and reality with
         (Please read more about this in my book. It is absolutely free and you can also download it from
the internet at the above web address).

         When I contracted Chlamydia I went to the Harborview STD medical clinic. The first time I
went, the doctor gave me fake/counterfeit Azithromycin pills. The next two times I went back, the next
two doctors tried to suggest/convince/get me to believe that I might have prostate cancer, diabetes, a
virus, a bladder infection/cancer, or maybe something else, or worst. They were really in a calm,
professional demeanor "the family way", like as if, they could really get me to believe whatever they
said, because they went to school for it and I didn't. At the time I didn't know exactly what it was
specifically, but I knew it was an STD. I knew where I got it from, who I got it from, when I got it, how
I got it, etc.. I couldn't believe that they tried to get me to believe that it might be something else that
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