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Please Help Me "I Have Chlamydia"
By Frederick Charles Morton
First Public Edition
     Originally I had planned on finishing the book as soon as I became cured of my Chlamydia. I thought, as soon as I get the proper antibiotics I would be cured. Apparently it doesn’t work that way. The longer you have Chlamydia, the harder it is to get it cured. I didn’t know that, but the doctors who deliberately didn’t cure me did. This is also another very good reason why doctors could feel safe in tattooing someone with Chlamydia for the rest of their lives and call it Herpes. This stuff is very hard to get rid of.

     I have now had Chlamydia for over a year now. I will most assuredly be continuing to write this book about it. I have learned a great deal more about Chlamydia over the year and it will be reflected in my book. Not only have I studied it on the internet, but I have been living with it since November of 2008. It is now December 2009.

     Don’t let this happen to you. If you ever get this stuff and you go to the doctor, and the doctor gives you fake pills that don’t do anything, make sure you go right out and start asking people for help in getting the proper antibiotics to get rid of this stuff as soon as possible. The longer you have it, the harder it is too get rid of it.

     Chlamydia is a fatal and deadly infection (disease). It can kill you in about 10 weeks. I know this personally because I was very close to death at about 10 weeks of having it. Luckily, I finally got some antibiotics to save my life. There are many antibiotics that will kill the Chlamydia.

Here is a small list of a few antibiotics that I have personally taken that will work;

Cefalexin (Brand name - Keflex)(Recommended)
Metronidazole (Brand name - Flagyl) (Recommended)
Amoxicillian (Brand names - Novamox, Amoxil)
Ampicillin (Brand name - Principen)(I did not get any of these this time, but it is what the doctor gave me the first time I got it in 1985 while I was in the Army)
Clindamycin (Brand name - Cleocin)
Sulfamethoxazole 800 / Trimethoprim 160 (Brand names - Bactrim, Septra) I liked this one the least and it cause me to have some ill side effects, but, if I didn't have anything else, I would still use it again.

     There are probably a bunch more antibiotics that will work for Chlamydia. Not all antibiotics will work for Chlamydia though. An antibiotic by definition is a bacteriacide, i.e., it is designed to kill bacteria in the body, which is the infection.

WARNING; Taking antibiotics is very serious and they can cause you harm and damage. Make sure you look this stuff up on the internet and,or ask a doctor you “trust” before taken anything like this.

     If you do take antibiotics; if for any reason you should get any side effects from them, you should stop taking them immediately.

     If you have to get antibiotics from anyone, make sure you look them up on the internet first, before you take any of them. Even if it is someone you trust. Each pill has a number or something on it too identify it. Look this number up on the internet to make sure it is what it is suppose to be. You might even want to put a small description of the pill in your search criteria.

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