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Please Help Me
"I Have Chlamydia"
By Frederick Charles Morton
First Public Edition
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Please Help Me,
And By Doing So, You Will Also Be Helping Yourself, Your Family, Your
Neighbors, Your Community, Your Country, And Humanity.

This Is A Medical Issue "and a Whole lot More".

It is about the severe, extreme, professional, medical malpractice at the
Harborview medical clinic, 325 9th Ave., Seattle, WA 98104 (Ground Floor
East Clinic Wing) specifically, and probably everywhere else too.

It Is Sexual In Nature And Pertains To STDs And More.

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All Rights Reserved with exception. (Please see the copyright note on page 29)

         On approximately November 5, 2008 I had received oral sex from a girl. I hadn't
had sex for a while, so while I was receiving the oral sex, my penis didn't really get hard.
So when I ejaculated, it was through a soft penis.
         I didn't necessarily think anything of it at the time. My penis did feel a little weird
later on that day, but it wasn't necessarily the first time my penis ever felt a little weird so
I didn't think much of it at the time. I figured that it wasn't that big a deal.
         A couple of days later, when I masturbated, I smelled pee after I ejaculated. It also
looked like a little bit of pee came out with the semen. This never really happened to me
before, so I though something must be wrong. I thought, while I was getting oral sex, my
penis didn't get hard, so when I ejaculated through a soft penis and the girl was sucking it
at the time, she probably sucked some pee out with the semen, and this is why pee came
out when I masturbated the next time, a couple of days later.
         I thought to myself, well I will just let it go and see if it stops. This has never
really ever happened to me before, so I thought it might just correct itself.
         The following week my penis did feel weird occasionally but I was still waiting
for it to stop.
         On about Friday, November 14, 2008, about a week and a half later. I was riding
up the escalator from the downtown bus tunnel, at the James & Yesler stop, and my penis
felt a little weird in kind of a different weirder way. So I used my hand to adjust it and
kept walking. When I went up the second escalator it did the same thing. So I thought to
myself, well I better do something about this and,or go get it checked out.
         Since I live in the Frye building on 3rd and Yesler, I was already on my way
home. I went upstairs to my apartment and immediately started looking stuff up on the
internet. I did some research about what my problem could possible be. Then I looked up
some of the clinics in my area to go to, to get it checked out. I made a few phone calls to
some of the clinics, and then found out that I couldn't get checked out until Monday. It
was already late in the day.

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