A Holiday To Remember (1995)

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A Holiday To Remember
A Holiday To Remember (1995)
Connie Sellecca, Randy Travis
     This is a pretty good Christmas story. I probably never would have seen it, except for, I found a DVD of it on sale at one of my local Drug Stores and I bought it cheap around Christmas time. This must have been in about 2004. I never saw this one before and I never heard of it before, but when the DVDs are only a couple of bucks and it is around Christmas time, what the hey.
     This movie was made for TV, but I just never saw it on TV. It has a pretty good storyline and it fits in with the Christmas cheer.
     I enjoy watching it every year around Christmas time, and it may play on TV each year around Christmas time sometimes. I don’t know. Some Christmas seasons I may watch alot of TV,, checking for all of the Christmas shows and specials, and some Christmas seasons I hardly watch any TV. It just depends. However, since I have this on DVD, I can watch it at least once a year around Christmas time, anytime I want. It is definitely worth watching again and again around Christmas time.
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