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Best Christmas Movies Of All Times (Article)

FCJM's Christmas Movie Chronicles

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     I like to watch Christmas movies around Christmas time, every year. I have some Christmas movies that I usually watch every year, but this year I decided to see if there were any Christmas movies that I haven’t seen yet. So I did an internet search for the “best christmas movies”, to see if there were any. I found a bunch of other people’s top Christmas movies lists, but I really didn’t find any I hadn’t seen yet. However, I did find that not all of my favorite Christmas movies were on other people’s lists. So I decided to make my own list of what I thought were the Best Christmas Movies Of All Times. You can use the links above to go straight to my Christmas movies lists.

     Some of the movies on my list original played at the movie theaters when they first came out and some of them were made for television. They main thing I saw when I was looking at other people’s top Christmas movies lists was that most of, if not all of, the movies on their lists were only movies that played at the movie theater. When I think of Christmas movies, I think of movies with a good storyline that fit in with the Holiday Season and the Christmas Cheer. There are alot of movies that were made for TV that are excellent Christmas movies. A few of the movies on my list are some of them. I am sure there are pobably a bunch more that I just haven’t seen yet. I know there are at least 3 or 4 more movies that would be on my list, except that, I watched them on TV a while ago and I can’t remember what the titles of them were. I didn’t record them on VHS at the time and I haven’t seen them since. Oh well, when I see them again I will put them on my list.

     As I continue to see more Christmas movies; you know; sometimes; whenever, (watching too much TV can get quite boring sometimes); ~ If I think they are good enough, I will add them to my list and continue to update the list accordingly. Also, we can’t forget about those great little Christmas cartoons, animations, and stop motion pictures either. So I made a list for them too.
     While writing this page I decide to do another internet search for “the best Christmas movies made for TV”, and I found a really good list of Christmas films on Wikipedia.
Wikipedia - List of Christmas films.
     I haven’t seen alot of the movies on this list yet and I am not going to go out and buy them anytime soon, (again, watching too much TV can get kind of boring sometimes), however, when I get a chance to see some of them I will watch them, and if I think they are good enough to make my list, I will add them to it. I haven’t watch to much television this season so I didn’t watch alot of movies on TV this year. I ususally like to buy my Christmas DVDs around Christmas time every year from the discount bins in stores. I find that alot of the local drug stores sell them 2 for $5 or 3 for $7 et cetera in their little DVD impulse buying sections of their stores. Christmas movies will obviously sell much better around Christmas time each year. In fact, a couple of the movies I have listed on my list I probably would not have seen, except for, I found them on DVD at one of my local drug stores and bought them for a couple of dollars. They are pretty good movies and worth watching again and again, around Christmas time.
     Note; All of the Christmas movies on my list are the movies that I have seen and are, “to me”, worth watching again and again around Christmas time.
     I have seen a bunch of other Christmas movies. Some of them were okay, but just not really worth watching again. Some of them just weren’t good enough to be worth watching again. Some of them are kind of crappy, and some of them may have had just one line or scene in them that just made the whole movie kind of crappy and not worth watching again. Oh well, you know how those SMARiTT people are in Hollywood.
Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays
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     On my two lists, I put the movies in order by date. Some may be a little better than others, but they all make my Best Christmas Movies List and it would be a little hard to rate them from 1 to whatever. So I just listed them by date.
     My little reviews don’t tell alot about the storyline or the plot. If you want to know more about the storyline, or the plot, or the writers, actors, or directors, please use the links to Wikipedia or IMDb to find out more about them. You can also do your own search to find a whole bunch of other sites to learn more about them also.
     Note: I didn’t put any philosophies or sayings on any of the movie chronicle pages, because I didn’t want anyone to think that the sayings were related to the movies that were on the page.

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