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Great Spirits Have Alway Encountered Violent Opposition By Those With
Mediocre Minds.

Albert Einstein

The Frye Hotel Apartments
223 Yesler Way - Seattle WA. 98104

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Welcome To The Frye

     I have lived at the Frye Apartments since October of 1999. For the first 9 years of living here, a few things happened here and there, but it wasn’t necessarily a whole lot to write about. But then, in August of 2008 some very serious things happened; Some very, very, serious things that I cannot write about directly at this time, pertaining to these specific matters and things that happened specifically in August of 2008 and then some. I know it sounds a little bit cryptic at this time, but I just have to or want to write it this way at this time.
     These events and following events have enlightened me to a whole lot of other things that have happened here at the Frye Apartments since I have lived here and a whole lot more. Of course, this is all monitored, recorded, and secured with SMARiTT.
Picture Of The Frye Apartments Building

The Frye Apartments is in downtown Seattle on the corner of 3rd & Yesler. Caddycorner, across from the King County Courthouse (Park) in Pioneer Square.

The Frye Apartments Phone Number (206) 405-4506

They really are watching you, and me, and everyone else, and it really is all recorded and stored in their (the) computers "forever".

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Ode To The Death Of Evil
(Poem 1)

By; Frederick Charles
Jenkins Morton