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Calendar Years

     This website has been sitting on my computer for a couple of years.

     I just haven't gotten around to writing all of the articles for it.

     It is quite depressing living on disability while the government steals my mail from the United States Post Office for over 20 years to make sure I never have a family, a life, any resources, or any money and I have to live in low income housing while the management and staff, (here at the Frye Hotel Apartments , at 223 Yesler Way, on the corner of 3rd & Yesler in downtown Seattle), constantly, professionally, deliberately,, irritate and harass me with belligerent organized remote controlled harassment and crimes, professionally SMARiTT directed.

     I do use these calendars myself from time to time just to check out what day of the week Thanksgiving or Christmas is going to be on this year, or something like that. However, it would be much easier to just put it on the internet and use it from there. Plus, being on the internet, anyone else can use it for the same thing too. You can also use it to see what day of the week you were born on,, not that it really matters all that much, but it can be kind of interesting curiosity.

     (I really do need to get the rest of the articles done, but I have alot of other stuff to work on too).

     Please see the "Accuracy Alert" page to see how I produced the hierarchy of these calendars.

     For the people who know and understand where the calendar comes from, you will get it right away. (As per accuracy).

     For the people who don't know and understand where the calendar comes from, because they never gave it much thought, or they just never really needed to know or cared about where the calendar comes from;

     Here are just a few details about it. (I will do a much better job on it, eventually.)

     The calendar is only human.

     The calendar is only made by humans.

     The calendar is only humans, monitoring, tracking, and recording time (the orbit and rotation of the earth) by writing it down on paper and maintaining to keep track of it indefinitely. Of course, now we have computers to do it with also. (There is a bit more to it then this, but I am going to keep it short here for now.)

     Actually, I don't know if the phrase "recording time" is actually accurate, as the yearly calendar actually just measures the amount of time it takes for the earth to orbit the sun in one rotation. As far as we know it. Time is one of those things that is not necessarily conceivable or understood by mere humans. It is one of those things, one could spend a lifetime trying to figure out and still not really be able to understand it all.

     (Although time may be a mystery, people are not.)

Article Posted April 4, 2016

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