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Inkscape Filter Views
Starting Graphics

         These are the original, plain starting graphics that I used in Inkscape to apply the filters too.
Inkscape Starting Objects
          You can use this page to compare the original, plain starting graphics to the graphics that have the filters applied to them on the other pages. That way you can see just how the filters changed them when they were applied.

You can do this in several ways;

          1. You can drag the above picture off of the webpage and onto your desktop. Then open it up in any graphics viewer.

          2. You can open up this page in a separate tab or browser window.

          3. You can take a computer screenshot of the graphics on this page. On my Mac, I just use "command+shift+4", and when the crosshairs appear, you just put them on the screen wherever you want to start taking the screenshot clipping, then click and hold the main mouse button and drag across the area you want to take a picture clipping of, and then release the mouse button.

          4. If you use Firefox for your internet browser, you can install the "Screengrab" extension and use it to take a picture of the webpage, and then just crop the picture in a graphics editor and use it that way. Firefox has other extensions that do this too, and I am pretty sure that some other browsers may have some extensions like this too.

          5. If you are using a Macintosh, you can download Paparazzi! and use it to take a picture of the webpage. Windows and Linux may have some applications like this too, but I don't know if they do or not, I mostly just use my Mac.

          There may be some other ways to do it too, but anyone of the above ways should work just fine if you want to compare the starting graphics to the ones that have the filters applied to them.
You Can Go To
And Do A Search For Inkscape.
    There you can find alot of really cool videos about Inkscape and learn how to use it to do more…

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