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Inkscape Filter Views

          Update Note: The Inkscape Filter Views on this website were done using Inkscape version 0.48.2. Inkscape has been updated many times since I did this site. Many of the filters are the same, but they moved some of them around in the filters menu, in the application. I haven't check to see if there are more filters yet and I haven't check to see if the anomalies were fixed yet. I may get around to updating this site, but I have alot of other things to work on also, so I don't know when I will be getting around to do it. Thanks.
          How I made these graphics.

          In Inkscape, I just created a page and made it 705 pixels by 139 pixels. Then I just used the basic tools to make the shapes so that I could apply the filters to them. The dimensions I chose for the page were just to make it so that 5 objects at 100 or 99 pixels would fit comfortable on the page with enough border space around them so that when I applied the filters, the filter changes would still fit on the page. A couple of the filters went off of the page, but I just left it that way anyway, because there wasn't any real difference to the picts. Then I just highlighted all of the picts together and applied the filter. After that, I exported the page as a .png. Then I clicked the undo button in Inkscape and applied the next filter to the objects, and so on. So all of the filters are applied to the original, plain objects. You can apply multiple filters to an object, but that is beyond the scope of this little Inkscape filter views publication.

          Originally I made the dark blue ones first. I just created the shapes with the simple tools and then I decided to make them all dark blue, so I highlighted them and choose dark blue. Actually, I checked a whole bunch of different colors, simply by clicking in the color squares at the bottom of the application interface, but then decide on the dark blue.

          After going through a bunch of filters, I thought, well maybe there would be a better contrast in views if each object had a different color. So I abandoned the dark blue and created the same, but new shapes, and left them the colors they were when I made them with the tools. Then I started to apply the filters to the new set. While applying the filters to the objects, by the time I got to the Image Effects filters, I thought, well there are no real images in my little assortment. So then I thought, well maybe I should import some clipart or photos into my little assortment. ~ I thought about it for a little bit and decided that there wouldn't be enough room for all of the objects I wanted to see in my little assortment. After all, I am creating this website so that I can see what the different filters do, so that I can choose the ones I want to use for my little graphics making stuff.
          So then I decided to make an extra one with a couple of clipart pictures and a couple of photos, to see what they would look like when I applied the filters to them. After that I decided to finish the dark blue ones too, so that I could see what the filters looked like on the same shapes with different colors or different shapes of the same color. So all in all, I ended up making three sets of objects to apply the filters too. I think it shows a better view and contrast between the filters to see them in a couple of different ways,, even though there is not that much difference between them. Oh well, what do you want for a little publication for the assortment of the filter views.
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    There you can find alot of really cool videos about Inkscape and learn how to use it to do more…

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