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Inkscape Filter Views

          All of the pictures of all of the filter views are exactly as they were when they were exported from Inkscape as PNGs. I didn't change any of them. Some of the filters, when applied, changed some of the graphics in such a way as to make it look like the filter didn't work exactly right or something. You will see what I mean when you go through the filter views pages. There may be some ways of correcting this in Inkscape, but I didn't take any time to see if there was. It took a bit of time just to go through all of the filters and apply them to 3 sets of graphics, so I didn't take any time to try and tweak any of them. I just left them the way they were.

          A few of the filters rendered the graphics properly in Inkscape, but when I exported them to PNGs the graphics in the PNGs weren't rendered correctly.
          (Note: You can use the SVG code in your HTMLs to put the graphics on your webpages, however, you need the PNGs to use the graphics in just about everything else.)

         The filters that didn't render to the PNGs correctly were;

         ABCs - Matte Jelly
         Bevels - Buttons
         Bevels - Metal Casting
         Bevels - Smart Jelly
         Blurs - Apparition
         Shadows And Glows - Cutout

         Again, I didn't really take anytime to see if there were any tweaks in Inkscape to correct this.

          The "Buttons" filter is one of my favorites and when I used it to make some of my graphics and it didn't seem to work right,, at first I was like,, aaawww,, I wanted to use this, but now I can't. Then I simply figured out a simple work around.
          I just took a screenshot of the graphics in Inkscape and then I just cropped it in a graphics editor and used it that way. It worked perfectly. When it comes to the square graphics, where you can crop it perfectly there is no problems whatsoever. However, when it comes to the round ones, or the odd shaped graphics, you may need to edit, and,or trim the edges by hand, to apply the invisible color (alpha channel) so that it will render properly onscreen or print the way you want it to, if you want to print it out on paper.

          I made an extra webpage with these filters on it so you can see how the filters rendered in Inkscape (on screen) and what the exported PNGs look like. Just click the link below to go to that page and check it out for yourself. I also put the link at the top of this page for easier access to it later, if you want to look at it again.
You Can Go To
And Do A Search For Inkscape.
    There you can find alot of really cool videos about Inkscape and learn how to use it to do more…

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