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Inkscape Filter Views

Inkscape is a pretty cool app.

          Actually, I am not a very artistic person when it comes to drawing or painting pictures. I sure can't do it on paper with a pencil or paint or anything like that. However, with a computer and the proper software, I can do some art things.

          I have always been mostly a paint and draw kind of guy. I still have Aldus Superpaint 3.0 on my old Powerbook G3 Wallstreet and my Tibook G4. (I WANT OS 9 BACK, ON MY MAIN COMPUTER.) I used to like making some icons and stuff in Superpaint, but it is such a hassle sometimes to switch from computer to computer, just to use some older software (that is still pretty good) and then have to transfer the files by hand on a USB flash drive, back and forth, just to get something done. It would be so much easier if I had a real Virtual Machine on my main computer to run OS 9. Apple should really support this, after all, we spent thousands of dollars on the old stuff,, that they made billions of dollars off of,, and what,, we can't use it anymore. I will still keep my old Wallstreet and Tibook until they don't work anymore, but again, it is such a hassle to switch from computer to computer, just to do a little work or something. I still have all of my OS 9 games too. I played and finished Tomb Raider 2 and 3, but I still have 1, 4, and 5 to play. Since Apple changed the system again when they upgraded to 10.7, I can no longer play Diablo 2 on my main computer. I had to move that too, to my Wallstreet and Tibook also. Now I don't play it as much. I still haven't made it to Hell yet in Diablo 2 (LOL). Anyways, that is enough about that. I will probably write another article about it soon…

          I do have Paintbrush on my Macbook Pro and it works pretty well. It isn't quite as good as Superpaint, but it gets some of the job done. I have a few other free application like Paintbrush too and I can switch back and forth with them, however, I mostly just use Paintbrush.

          I always wondered how people make some of those really cool icons and graphics. Originally I thought,, they are probably just better artists them me, (especially since I am not that much of an artist anyway), and they probably have better software then I do and know how to use it really well. Then I found Inkscape.

          Alot of those really nice graphics you see on the internet are Vector Graphics. Actually, in Inkscape they are Scalable Vector Graphics. The .svg format. To be honest, I am not too sure about all of the different names of all of the different types of graphics, and I don't really feel like looking them all up on the internet, just to write this simple little article. So please forgive me if I don't have it exactly right.

          Scalable Vector Graphics are really cool. You can do alot more with them, then in a simple paint program, although I really like my simple paint programs for my simple little graphics editing and icons. They are quite easy to use; However, the Vector Graphics have alot more options and all kinds of other stuff you can do with them too.

          I am still new to using Inkscape and learning more about Scalable Vector Graphics, so I don't know a whole lot about it yet. I still need to take some time to go through the application and learn how all of the tools and stuff work. However, using the filters is pretty cool. I made my header and footer graphics for my SMARiTT website main links page and my SMARiTT Flyers webpages in Inkscape. It was quite simple. I just drew the objects that I needed and applied the "Button" filter to them and they came out pretty good. With the .svg file format, you can just use the code in your HTML documents to put the graphics on your webpages, but I am not up to that yet. I just exported the images to .png and used them that way.

          The filters are a really cool part of Inkscape. With just them alone you can make some really cool graphics, buttons, icons, and other stuff. There are 220 filters by my count. I have the 0.48.2 version, which is the most recent version at the time I wrote this article. If and,or when Inkscape is upgraded and new filters are added, I will do my best to post them here on my website also.

          With 220 filters to choose from, it could be hard to know which ones you will want to use, so I decided to make this website so you can see, basically, what they do. Actually, I am making it for myself so I can see all of the filters and what they look like, so that I can choose which ones I want to use also, but, of course, you can use it too. That is why I am publishing it on the web. Plus, making websites is kind of fun and easy too. (See my article on Learning HTML & CSS ).

          Inkscape is a free, open source application and it is available on all the platforms. (Mac OS, Windows, and Linux), Just click the Inkscape link at the top or the bottom of this page to go to their website and download the application or do a search on the internet for Inkscape.
You Can Go To
And Do A Search For Inkscape.
    There you can find alot of really cool videos about Inkscape and learn how to use it to do more…

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