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Pictureology & Photography
Are Highly Developed Sciences,
By The Press, The Media, And Hollywood
~ All Under SMARiTT.
(Stealth Monitoring And Recording inner Telecommunications Technology)
(National Security Equipment ?)
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and blue collar, officer and enlisted, commissioned and non-commissioned, and
many other ways.
          By using the pyramid structure and the two division way together, it only
takes half the resources to manage twice as many people.
          Rank structures are used in just about all businesses, government agencies,
and so on. The church even has a rank structure. In a way, it is necessary to have a
rank structure or an organization of people, so that people working together for a
common cause can be more organized, know more about what they are doing, and
to make it possible to get things done. On the other hand, no one can make you do
anything you don't want to do, or force you to do anything against your own free
will. Especially here in America.
          Another aspect of the science of management is to keep records of people.
Your birth certificate and social security number are examples of records used to
keep track of you or to know more about you. Everytime you fill out paperwork it
can go into a file or a computer so that someone can find out more about you.
Keeping records of people can also help someone track or locate another person.
          Another aspect of the science of management is the ability to plan or
organize events or projects. Even when it comes to planning or organizing events
or projects, the main aspect of planning and organizing the events or projects is
managing the people involved.
          Using SMARiTT for the management of people is a most powerful tool. With
SMARiTT, the people who have access to it can research anyone's past, explicitly,
all with audio, video, and eeewave recordings stored in a computer. A person's
whole life is recorded and stored on computer microchips. This information, as of
right now, is only accessible by certain high level government officials and the
people they let in the family way. Since SMARiTT doesn't officially exist yet, they
can use this information for whatever they want. SMARiTT is the most powerful
way to control and manage people. SMARiTT is also a most powerful tool to plan
and organize events.
          There are companies in the United States of America that have hundreds or
thousands of employees and with the proper management systems they can
maintain to be able to manage them all. The federal government has millions of
employees and with the proper management systems they can maintain to be able
to manage them all. The United States of America has approximately two-hundred
and forty million people in it and with the proper management systems it is
possible to maintain to be able to manage them all. Especially with SMARiTT.


          Pictureology is the science of studying pictures. The science of studying
pictures is a real science, but I don't know if the word pictureology exists, but that
is what I decided to call it. Pictureology is taught and used in certain intelligence
agencies for the purposes of national security. Scientists study all kinds of pictures.
They study pictures of the Earth, taken by satellites. They study pictures of other
planets, taken by satellites. They study surveillance
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