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(Stealth Monitoring And Recording inner Telecommunications Technology)
(National Security Equipment ?)
     It is now over a hundred years since this stuff has been around and used in a stealth, invisible fashion. All government buildings since at least the 1930's were built with it permanently installed right in them. We now have excessive innovation of this stuff and more. Alot of it is on the public market for sale now and has been since about the 1970's. (Please keep in mind that I was born in 1965 so I don't remember/know that much about what was available on the public market before then.)
     From what I have heard, the idea for Cell Phones came from the computers ability to distinguish the difference in sound so accurately, that they can monitor every single person by remote control just by the sound of their voice print. With cell phones, each cell phone can be distinguished by a single sound or vibration programmed into it.

     SMARiTT and REMOTEER have been around for quite some time now. It has definitely been around longer then most of you and I have.

     My book is written to simply prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is real and that it is being use everyday, all of the time, on everybody, nationally, and internationally.

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