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Legacy Of The Redcoat Confederates…
Bringing In / Taking In / Promoting / And Giving The Money To Their New Homo Lover So They Can Walk Around Like They Are Big, And Hard, And In Charge,
Like They Made It Too, And Can Do It Too.

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(Stealth Monitoring And Recording inner Telecommunications Technology)
(National Security Equipment ?)
Please Consider A Donation
     My projection for the sale of my book would have been 100 million dollars income to me in 1998. I started marketing at the end of October 1997 and would have expecting to make at least that much by the end of summer 1998.
     (I am my own publisher. I know how to do it too. Da)
     That would only be about 5 million sales at $20 a book, and I figured this would be a niche book, because it would be the one that brings SMARiTT out permanently so that we can use it for security, and not the security of that redcoat confederate shit.

     Unfortunately, with the redcoats stealing my mail from the United States Post Office, I couldn't make anything off of it. So I decided to give it away for free in 2010. Obviously my damages and restitution for this from the redcoats who did it would be a hundred million dollars since 1998. (That is just for this. They know what it is and how much more my restitution will be for all that they are robbing me of.)
     (Does anyone know of a good lawyer (LOL). One that is not under the thrall of the redcoat SMARiTT people.)
     (Guess they really don't want SMARiTT to come out and go right… But it will anyway.)
     (I should have given it away sooner, but I didn't really have a website until 2009.)

     So I am asking you to please consider a donation for my SMARiTT Book… To help bring it out sooner and to give me some resources to do more about it.

     (I would have been the President of the United States Of America in 2005. And they really know it too.)

     Originally I was selling it for $20 plus shipping and handling. Although initially it would have cost me about $8 a copy to make, at first, until I got enough money to have a printer print many copies for me. Depending upon how sales would have went, I may have sold it for less eventually.

     I would consider that it would still be worth $5, however, any kind of donation would be greatly appreciated. So, if you have read my book and think it is worth it…

     Please consider making a donation.

     (Note: I do have to say this, but I wish I didn't. If you do send me a donation and I don't get it. You will be a witness to the fact that all of this is true and the redcoats are really using SMARiTT to do all of this with. Not only are they doing it to me, but they can do it to just about anybody they want. We all have a right to bear SMARiTT and to use it to protect ourselves and families from anyone who would do us harm.)

Thanks for reading my work.

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