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Legacy Of The Redcoat Confederates… Bringing In / Taking In / And Promoting
Their New Homo Lovers To Keep It
Deep Down Inside To Deceive Humanity.

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(Stealth Monitoring And Recording inner Telecommunications Technology)
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to myself that I would do whatever I could to bring it out, and I have been working on it and trying to do it for quite a while.

     When I started my home-based business, I thought that I would finally get the resources I needed to bring it out permanently forever.

     When they falsely arrested me and stole my copyrighted product I thought I could use that as a means to bring it out using the law. After all, they did use SMARiTT to do it with.      So I went to all of the offices of the people who have the jobs to try and get something done. I called a hundred phone numbers for lawyers and everything else. I wrote the ACLU. I wrote the president of the United States, Bill Clinton at the time. I wrote 7 or 8 other federally government agencies, including the Attorney General, Janet Reno at the time. I wrote the Washington State Governor, the Washington State Attorney General, several congressman and Representatives. I also wrote to all of the major presses, (newspaper and television), and a bunch more. I even wrote to some businesses just to see what would happen. (I will post all of this on my website soon too.) None of this worked.

     Since I had been trying to figure out a way to bring SMARiTT out anyways, for many years, writing a book about it seemed like the next logical step.

     At the time I was thinking, writing a book about it to prove that it existed and to bring it out forever would do a couple of things.
     It would bring SMARiTT out. Which needed to be done and still does need to be done.
     It would be a source of income for me since I was homeless the whole time, sleeping outside, at my campsite or on the sidewalk, panhandling for spare change to get food and everything else, and for stationary and things that I would need for my book.
     Also, the income would give me more resources for getting justice, for being falsely arrested and having my property and copyright stolen.

     Even though I was homeless, I was still capable of using a computer to write my book with. Personal Computers were still new at the time. At least they were for me. I wrote my first product by hand and then I typed it up on an electric typewriter. However, when I wrote my SMARiTT book I used a computer at the free computer lab, at the Goodwill Learning Center, just off Dearborn Ave, close to Downtown Seattle.
     They had Macintosh Classics with System Software 6 or 7 on them. They did eventually upgrade to Macintosh IIsi(s) with System 7 on them. This was the first time I had ever used a computer.

     So I wrote my book in 1997. I started in about May and I finished at the end of October. It took me about six months to write.

     Alas, the SMARiTT people stole my mail and have been stealing my mail from the United States Post Office for over 20 years now. They are also stealing my email for over 5 years now. Preventing me from getting any, which is preventing me from having a life, a family, property, a vacation, making contacts, everything.

     The damages are quite severe. SMARiTT and REMOTEER are the ultimate invisible weapon.

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