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Legacy Of The Redcoat Confederates… Bringing In / Taking In / New Homo Lovers
And Teaching Them All Of Their Knowledge
And Skills To Do Evil Upon The World.

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(Stealth Monitoring And Recording inner Telecommunications Technology)
(National Security Equipment ?)
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or similarly too, recognizing someone in person by their voice if you had talk to them on the phone first, before you met them in person.

     It is kind of similar to most people, of whatever age. You kind of know it is real, but you can't do anything about it or even prove that it exist. Especially because it is invisible and you don't have any physical proof or evidence.
     Then again, physical proof and evidence is your television, your cell phone, your computer, Google Earth, GPS, your stereo, satellites, radio, etc., etc., etc. All of the video recordings of WW1 and WW2 and everything else… Real life has been audio and video recorded (and studied) for over a hundred years. And so on, and so on.

     The SMARiTT people have been using SMARiTT on me since I was a kid. Probably the same as everybody else. However, SMARiTT and REMOTEER recordings are very powerful. With the recordings, the redcoats can communicate to each other through time. It is part of the powers of their homosexuality that they can get deep down inside each others energy more intimately and communicate with each other from the inside, without verbal speech.

     Humans can communicate with each other on the inside without technology. It is a natural forever thing,, if you know how to and can do it. It is the same way all other life forms communicate with each other. Humans are the only living being that I know of who communicate with speech. With radio waves, these inner communications can be monitored and recorded. If you are the ones using the radio waves, you could communicate with someone else (each other), deep down inside the/your energy, right through the video recordings and radio waves.

     (Note; Communicated from the inside with just your energy is not something you would want to do with someone you don't like or trust. I always keep them out of my energy for the most part, however, you can't keep them out if they are using REMOTEER on you. If you wouldn't want to talk to them in person, you sure don't want to talk to them from the inside. Communicating from the inside is a little more intimate or maybe a little more deep down inside. Not everybody can do it, but anybody could learn it eventually. It is just one of those thing you would have to learn naturally from the inside, like the ability to become invisible. Although, since the redcoats are homosexuals, when they bring in a new intimate and give him a government job, they teach each other how to do it.)

     It is with the ability to communicate from the inside and the use of recording people's energy, that the redcoat can communicate with each other through time… And it is with this ability that they knew, since I was a kid, that I would be the one to bring SMARiTT out forever and make it go right. Actually, when it comes out forever, it will naturally go right anyway. It is just how it is. Their ability to keep it wrong will evaporate quite quickly.

     Anyways, they have been using it on me since I was a kid… Trying to get me (LOL). Of course, I know that they have been using it on everybody else too. In fact, anybody in their right mind would bring it out too and make sure it is used right. I don't care who brings it out, as long as it comes out and goes right.

     When I was 20, in 1985, I was in the Army, stationed in Germany, and I made a vow

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