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Legacy Of The Redcoats…
Dying And Leaving Their Money And Government Title (Job) To Their Homo Lover(s)…
(? Who Died And Left You Boss.)

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(Stealth Monitoring And Recording inner Telecommunications Technology)
(National Security Equipment ?)
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First of all, I don't want to do it wrong, I don't like to do it wrong, I am not going to do it wrong, and doing it wrong is stupid. (Your are not going to get me with that crap.)
     I like doing it right. Doing it right is so much better. When you do it right you really can actually enjoy it and feel good about yourself. The only problem with doing it right is all of those damn SMARiTT people using SMARiTT to get all of the good people who have souls and consciences and do it right.
     I am pretty sure it is their homosexuality that makes them hate the world and all of the good in it. Unfortunately, it is also the secret to their backward strength and power to be cruel and evil, and do it wrong. It provides their intimacy, loyalty, and support to each other and allows them to live backwards and a lie. By pretending they are not homosexuals, they can keep all of the other lies they contend, deep down inside with their homosexuality.

     I tried to pursued justice for this by attempting to use the law to get them for doing this to me. Unfortunately, the government is a company owned by the redcoats, and they put all of their employees in the jobs and keep everyone else out. (They have it so good, they can even blow up the World Trade Centers and pretend someone else did it.) They obviously know who everyone is, deep down inside with REMOTEER and SMARiTT, recorded and stored in their computers.
     So trying to use the law is simply trying to get the people who have the jobs to do it right. This is practically impossible, because, no matter where you go, the SMARiTT people are in your brain listening to everything you think, and whenever you go anywhere or speak to anyone, a SMARiTT director has already put the employees into their character and told them their lines before you ever even get there.
     It really is a real life moving picture being watched and directed by the people using stealth television and REMOTEER. They own all of the television and movie companies, "incorporated", so they can and do practiced putting people in their characters and parts using the TV and movie stars. When it comes to employees, they are the boss and you have to do what your told or else…

     After almost 2 years of trying to use the law to get justice, to no avail, I decided to write a book about SMARiTT to bring it out publicly.

     This was inevitable and eventually anyway.

     SMARiTT and especially REMOTEER are very powerful, invisible weapons. It is kind of weird how it affect you. I have known about it since I was a kid, about 3 or 4 years old. I still remember some of their stealth REMOTEER broadcast like;
     "Technology and inventions are so complicated and technical only god could have created them", and, "Thank god for the medical industry so we now have the technology to cure all of these diseases". (I Guess they were big on god back then and using SMARiTT and REMOTEER to play or pretend to be god themselves. I do mean this literally and there is more, but I will leave it at this for now.)

     As a kid, it is like it is just in the back of your mind or something. You don't know what it is, or that it is real, but you really can hear it… And in real life, you would probably be able to recognize the person who transmitted their voice inside your energy/brain through REMOTEER, by the sound of their voice, if you ever met them in person. The same as,

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