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To Err Is Human, So To Forgive Is Just Fine,
But, When They Do It On Purpose,
Justice Is In Order And The Balance Is Due,
Or They Will Just Keep Right On Doing It.

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(Stealth Monitoring And Recording inner Telecommunications Technology)
(National Security Equipment ?)
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     I was born in 1965 into a world already under the remote control of society and reality with SMARiTT and REMOTEER. Actually, "The Invisible Redcoat Homosexuals" didn't have as strong of a grip over America and humanity at the time, but it was growing slowly and steadily. They did have enough grip over people to murder our presidents, John F. Kennedy in 1963 and his brother, Robert Kennedy in 1968.

     They didn't have the press completely taken under until roughly about sometime in the 1970's, when they incorporated everything, and had the ability to own people with contracts, (and enforce them under SMARiTT).

     I was just a little boy at around this time and as a kid I was just living life, learning life, being a kid. Although I did see alot of this stuff on the television in the real news and on PBS and other television programs and broadcasts. (This is kind of how I know this stuff and remember it from back then).

     It was in the late 1970's,, actually it was about 1979 when they finally incorporated the auto industry into 3 main companies (corporations) so they could control the inflation of automobile prices… And with SMARiTT, make everyone buy them the family way or have them fired from their jobs, by the remote control of society and reality under SMARiTT.
     Coincidentally, this is also the same year they came out with AIDS.

     In 1995 I started my own home-based mail order business. I had the knowledge and the education to make lots of money at home in my own home-based business. ("You can make alot of money at home in your own home-based business too".) I projected that I would have made at least 150 to 300 thousand dollars in the first year.
     Being that I am an honest man, I had no intentions of doing any of the queer, corrupt stuff. I had my first product ready to market by about May of 1995, and I would have been quite happy to work for it and earn it honestly.
     I would have expected, and projected that I would have made my first million by the end of summer 1996. However, it didn't work that way.
     On June 19, 1995 I was falsely arrested by the Seattle Police and held in jail for 30 hours while my premises was broken into and all of my property stolen, including my first product. I didn't have any formal copyright proof for it yet either. I was going to rewrite that product again, but since it was an entrepreneurship product about government auctions and there wasn't anything personal in it to set it apart from anything else, I wouldn't be able to prove that it was mine… And since it was in the possession of the people who stole it, if I rewrote it the same way, they might try to say I stole it from them.

     This was obviously done by the remote control of society and reality by the redcoat SMARiTT people to keep me down and take it out of me. There is obviously more to it then this but I am trying to keep it shorter here. (Note; I have to call them the redcoat SMARiTT people or some facsimile of it, because I don't know their names yet, however, it is certain that they are criminals in charge of the United States Government, National Security, and Law Enforcement.)

     It took me about 3 months to put that product together and the whole time I was working on it, some magical fairy was using SMARiTT to communicate to me in my brain, through REMOTEER, that if I did it wrong they would let me have it. "Yeah Right".

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