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Presidential Champaign Update
October 16, 2016 Of Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton Page 1

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October 16, 2016 Update - Page 1

It is now October 2016 and I have been running for the Presidency Of the United States of America since October Of 2015.

So far I have received no emails, no postal mail, no communications of any kind from anyone, no donations to help me to be capable of putting forth a more comprehensive campaign, or anything of the like.

(Note; that I am only asking for donations because the Redcoats in charge of running the United States Government and the Country, under SMARiTT, "the family way", are and have been stealing my mail from the United States Federal Post Office for over 21 years, since 1995. (When President Clinton was in charge). To prevent me from earning an income at my business, which is a mail order business, and from making any money off of the sale of my book about SMARiTT and a whole lot more. I started my mail order business in 1995. I had several other products I tried to market before I wrote my book about SMARiTT. I did write President Clinton about this on August 20, 1996. I will post that here on my website along with all of the other stuff I did to try and get my mail restored. I did use all avenues of the law and went far above that, in that, I sent letters about it to many government official and agencies. Plus I wrote many presses and a bunch more. (To No Avail). It has been over 21 years and they are still doing it.

They are also stealing my emails since 2009. This is the year I started my website. Basically speaking they have electronic domination over the whole country and everything and everybody in it, including the phone company, the internet, all government facilities, and of course, they own all of the companies, under SMARiTT, incorporated, including all of the presses. SMARiTT does have to and needs to come out and be used properly for the security of the people and to prevent crimes, not the latter. As president you can see that I will have a deep down personal desire and motive to do this,, not only for myself, but for everyone, as it is a matter of necessity and everyone has a right to be safe and secure and protect themselves and their families.)

As far as SMARiTT goes, I know for a fact, "personally", that Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton both are the SMARiTT people, and,or have been using SMARiTT for most of their lives, and,or have been in on SMARiTT for most of their lives.

As for Mrs. Clinton, I know she is and,or has been in on and using SMARiTT simply because her husband was the President of the United States of America from 1993 to 2001. Which obviously means he was the highest ranking official in charge of SMARiTT and national security. I wrote Mr. Clinton a letter stating that my mail was being stolen from the United States Post Office, and that SMARiTT was also being used as, and for the security and administration of it, and more. Again, I will post the letter I sent them here on my website. Obviously his wife, who seems to be politically active was in on it also. There is more to it then this, but I will leave it here for right now.

As for Mr. Trump, it is quite obvious that he has been using it for his businesses for most of his life. All of the so called "big" business men and people are that because they have SMARiTT to use for their businesses. As far as personally goes, I am originally from New Jersey. I remember when Atlantic City was practically a ghost town. It used to be an old convention center before they put the casinos in,, in about 1982. Mr. Trump had the Trump Castle at first, but it wasn't on the boardwalk, so I never went over there. I was 17 when they first put the casinos in, and me and some friends would go to AC (Atlantic City) every now and then just for fun.

In 1989, just after I got out of the army, Mr. Trump was all in the news about how his businesses could fold, and he didn't have enough money to pay his bills or his contractors because he spent a billion dollars on his new casino, The Taj Mahal. So, after the Taj Mahal was finished and opened for business, I decided to drive down to AC just to see what a billion dollar building looked like.

From the outside, it wasn't that impressive. It wasn't that big as far as a large building would be. It was kind of artsy but... I don't think it would have been a billion dollars worth. So the billion dollars must of went in on the inside. I personally don't know what for. Probably lots of SMARiTT and fancy, expensive decorations.

Anyways, I went in. I am not really a gambler or anything like that, but sometimes it is fun just to play the quarter slot machines. That is really all I play at a casino. Everybody knows they aren't going to let you win anything, because if you do, they will make you keep going until you lose it again or pretend you cheated or something like that as if you were robbing them.

Usually I will only play about 20 to 40 dollars worth of quarters. When I went into the Taj Mahal there weren't very many people in there. I thought it must of been because of the bad press Mr. Trump was getting on the TV news. Since I was there, I started playing a slot machine. I was actually kind of winning. I might have been up 10 or 20 dollars. While I was playing, a few of the casino staff started buzzing around a little. Some girl came over, about 3 or 4 machines down on my right and opened it up and started tinkering with something inside of it.

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Article Posted October 16, 2016 (Proofread, Edited, and,or Updated October 20, 2016)

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