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Homeless Again… Page 1

Homeless Again…
Page 1

I have been homeless, sleeping outside since Monday, December 19, 2016. "It is not my first time".

I was criminally/falsely evicted from the Frye Apartments, 223 Yesler Way, Seattle Washington, 98104 in a redcoat mock trial/hearing. I guess we all know the history of the redcoat's law, (methods and tactics). It is why Thomas Jefferson had to write the Declaration Of Independence.

I did acquire an even more in-depth knowledge of how they do it. "I can see". I do know they used such methods and tactics even before technology, however, using SMARiTT and REMOTEER to do it with is quite inhumanly powerful. I could hear at least six college boy writers accessing my brain with technology so that they could be more proficient and cover all of the details for the script they were writing for the participants who are the judges, lawyers, and the other people in on it, "the family way" for the stage that is the court room. They obviously have a directer to put them in their parts, but the directors mostly, always stay out of the view of the people they are doing it to. "We will be able to see them when we use SMARiTT to do it with".

Using SMARiTT to choreograph the stage (the court room), the script (the lines in which the participants are going to say), the participants (the people who are going to play their part and say their lines like as if it were the truth), and direct the scenes is quite inhumanly powerful, however, there is a balance.

For now the redcoats can use SMARiTT in this fashion because they have it. Unfortunately they have been using SMARiTT in this fashion for quite a long time. Since even before I was born.

The balance is, that when we use SMARiTT right, we can get the people who did this and insure that this never happens again and use it to make sure everyone has/gets a fair trial, proper defense, due diligences, and more.

I almost died when I was evicted. I am one of those guys who thinks I am pretty strong and can handle adversity. I have always liked the cold weather and I have been homeless in the winter before. I have also slept outside in -5 degrees Fahrenheit weather when I was in the United States Army. (I have had extreme cold weather training at Fort Drum, New York.) So it wasn't that big of a deal having to sleep outside in the cold.

However, I guest it had been a while and I caught a bad case of pneumonia.

I had it for about two weeks before it almost killed me.

Actually, this is the first time I have ever had pneumonia in my life. When I was a kid I had the flu once when I was about 6 years old, but I never had it again. I have had colds before, but never anything serious.

To be honest, I don't think I got pneumonia naturally. I think it was from a medically developed biological agent, administered through the air system in a government building and more. I am not going to say which building yet, or what more is, however this could obviously be done in any building and,or on any Public Transportation System.

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