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Time Is Constantly Moving Forward,
And Yet,
It Is Still Always In The Same Place.

Presidential Website Update Log
Of Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton

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August 25, 2019

I have been doing a bit of website maintanance and updating/upgrading. I have been homeless for a couple of years now. That kind of makes it that much harder to get things done, being that I have to sleep outside and don't have access to electricity on a continuous basis.

I have put a small note at the bottom of my October 5, 2015 original Opening statement. The reason I put it there is because I changed the top opening statement from the 2016 elections to the 2020 elections. I will be writing a new update soon. I have a lot of stuff to work on and get done. Writing stuff down can be a bit time consuming and difficult sometimes, but it is all stored and recorded in my brain. I do know what needs to be done and I will take care of it.

Wait until I have access to and control the SMARiTT computers.

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