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Presidential Website Notes
Not Finished Yet Note.

In order for me to express more of my Presidential Campaign and,or the things that need to get done that I will be working on, if elected, I have decided that it is not possible for me to write everything out to completion. At least, not by myself, for right now. So the above sentence will be on all of my pages in which I have not finished yet. It may start to appear on many of my pages as I have much to express and a lot of things that need to be or get done. Writing can be a bit time consuming. This will change whenever I can have or get a staff of people to help me get more stuff done faster.

Abraham Lincoln once wrote or said that he wished he could have been a better writer. I know exactly what he means. Althought, Mr. Lincoln was a good writer.

Thomas Jefferson was a good writer. He wrote a lot of great stuff. He also wrote the Declaration Of Independence. However, Mr. Jefferson originally wrote the Declaration Of Independence too straight forward and it was thought that being so straight forward would cause an immediate war with the faggot Redcoats. So he had help refining it, by Benjamin Franklin and many or several others.

The Constitution Of The United States of America was written by "many people", "who had souls and consciences and were natural men (people)" including Thomas Jefferson.

Writing is very easy, and yet, it is very difficult.

Writing the truth is very easy, and yet, it is very difficult.

The reason writing the truth is so easy is because it is just the truth. You don't have to make anything up. All you have to do is put it into words and write it down on a piece of paper and,or nowadays, type it into a computer.

The reason it is so difficult to write is because the truth is the key to all knowledge. It not only contains so many details that it can be hard to cover them all and put them in a chronological, logical, coherent, concise, specific, direct order, but the truth also contains all of the details that exist forever and that could be more than most people or any one person would be able to write about or cover. But we do the best that we can.

I think I can write pretty well. However, the problem is that it is very time consuming. By myself, it could take me a month or more to write out a 10, 20, or 30 page article. Depending on how much depth and detail needs to go into it. The time factor is amplified and excessified by the fact that I am homeless, without very much resources and I don't even have full time access to electricity to charge the batteries in my computer.

(I use a computer to do all of my writing. When I first started writing in 1995 it was on paper with a pen. Then I got a typewriter to type it up. I first started writing for informational entrepreneur products to start my own business and make money in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship really does work and you can make alot of money at it too. The only way you can't make any money off of it is if the faggot Redcoats have taken over the country with SMARiTT and installed all of their people in all of the government jobs so that they can steal your mail at the United States Post Office for 25 years and steal your email from the Internet for 10 years and the rest of your life, like you can't do anything about it or prove it.

Anyways, in 1999 I got my first cheap computer at the thrift store and I have been using a computer to do all of my writing since. Writing on paper is a bit more time consuming. Using a computer is much faster and it is easier to correct any typing mistakes. It is also already typed up so all you have to do is print, or post it on your website.)

If and,or when I have a staff of people, I will be able to get many articles, publishments, and,or other stuff written a whole lot faster. With a staff of just 16 secretaries and another 16 researchers, I will probably be able to do at least 16 things in a week. More or less. Of course they will/would have to be people I can/could trust.

You will have to understand that the faggot Redcoats have at least hundreds of thousands of employees to do all of the writing for them. They own all of the presses (newspapers, magazines, television stations, etc.) as their own personal, private companies. They are in control of all of what is written, how it is written, and the energy and,or tone of how it is expressed, either through writing or through having someone say it like it is true through the television or radio.

It is completely obvious that they not only wrote Donald Trump's speeches for him, but that they also put him in his character so that he can say it like it is true, with the proper, SMARiTT highly developed character and energy, to communicate it the way that they wanted him to. The same as a director putting an actor or actress in their part to say their lines.

It is more than just obvious, it is conclusive, that his Presidential campaign was just a marketing scam to get elected. He promised a bunch of stuff and then after supposedly winning the election, he turned around and said he wasn't going to do any of it. Which kind of pretty much makes him a straight out liar. He would have been impeached before he was ever even inaugurated if it weren't for the fact that the faggot Redcoats have a SMARiTT military grip over the USA to have prevented that from happening.

Please note that I am not just saying this as a Presidential Candidate, but that I am also an American Citizen who cares about my country, the world, and what right is.

? Is Donald Trump really going to run for Presidential reelection. There is no way they can pull that off without rigging the elections, "again".

My campaign is still the same. A national medical insurance is still necessary and can and must be done. Social Security Insurance needs to be straightened out. No one should have to pay more then what the insurance would cover anyway. That is ridiculous. I actually have much more and a great deal of other things to get done, work on, etc.. Also, SMARiTT is still absolutely the number one thing that needs to come out and be used properly for national security and the security of everyone equally. This is paramount. What fly into the pentagon on 911.

So, if you see the statement ~

This Article Is Not Finished Yet. There Is Still More To Come.
(See Note.)

~ on some or alot of my pages, it just means that I do not have enough time or resources to write it out to completion. This will give me more time to outline many of the other things that need to be done that I will get done if I am elected the President of the United States.

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