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Death Is Not Feared,
When Life Is Understood.

The Source, The Origin, The Roots Of All Evil…
By Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton

The Source, The Origin, The Roots Of All Evil Is
Faggotry, Homosexuality, Queer Men.

I am not saying that all homosexuals are evil, however, I am saying that all evil people are homosexuals, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Especially the ones who pretent that they are not homosexuals.

The source, the origin, the roots of all evil is only human and it is their homosexuality with each other that provides for their ability to be queer, unnatural, and backwards. It is their strength, their unity, their loyalty, their security, and their love to each other and to evil forever. A homo matrimony. It is how they keep each other going in that direction. It is how they comfort each others soul and,or soullessness to keep themselves going in that direction. It is how they teach each other the skills deep down inside and take in more of the same for the same purposes, thus expanding their safety in number, underhanded, off the record, and out of the sunlight.

They lie about it. They will not admit they are homosexuals. This is the first lie that they will live for the rest of their lives that makes them capable to lie about whatever they want without any conscience about it at all.

When the evil faggots take over the country it is underhanded. It is by getting in or being in the government in charge of the government as their own company controlling the employees. Especially law enforcement and military. They get out all of the good people, bring in all of their homo lovers, keeping it deep down inside and lie about it.

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The source of evil is hard to understand, the reason it is so confusing is because it is not a natural man. It's a fagot of unnatural men.

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