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Presidential Website Update Log
Of Frederick Charles Jenkins Morton

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October 5, 2015
     I Frederick C. Morton Am Running For The Presidency Of The United States Of America.
     I uploaded and posted my Opening article and started my website and campaign.
November 2, 2015
     I have been doing alot of work upgrading my website. I added a couple of pages to the Donations Received section of my website so you can see the totals of the donations that I have received. I added a few pages to this, my Presidential Campaign website, to include this updates page. Whenever I add new content to my Presidential Campaign, I will post it here, or at least I will try to post it here. Being that I am working alone, it can be very time consuming doing everything by myself. When I am capable of hiring a staff and personnel I will be able to do alot more faster and more efficiently. ( I reckon those damn Redcoat SMARiTT People know that. )
July 16, 2016
     I have uploaded three new pages.
Staff And Personnel
SMARiTT Definitions
The President Is…
July 18, 2016
     I have uploaded two more pages.
Social Security and Social Security - The Math
July 24, 2016
     I upgraded the saying in the right side box on the Articles Page to include the words "and feelings", and I also
Uploaded my Article/Statements on The Right To Bear Arms
August 2, 2016
     I have uploaded/published my Rigging The Elections page
August 4, 2016
     I did a couple of small edits on the Right To Bear Arms page and the Rigging The Elections page
August 23, 2016
     I posted my first article on Medical / Insurance
October 16, 2016
     I posted my October 16, 2016 Presidential Update
October 16, 2016 Presidential Update