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My Website History Archives Page 3
     July 14, 2012 (Saturday) -     … Continued …      I also did a little editing and upgrading of my “SMARiTT Book” site about a week or so ago. I just didn’t write it down in here until just now. There were a couple of little edits I had to make to a page or two. I changed/edited the Philosophy in the top bar, above the page navagation bar on “page 27”. I just moved the word SMARiTT to a new location within the statement. I had to fix the html code on page 1 of the text version. It worked perfectly in Firefox on my Mac when I made it, however it seemed to display wrong in every other browser there is. (hmmmm). I also changed/upgraded the page navagation graphics. I think it is much better now, but i also think I have a little more to do on that.
     I still need to finish the Introduction page and a few others. Hopefully I will be getting around to it soon.
     July 15, 2012 (Sunday) - I decide to move my “Learning HTML & CSS Can Be Fun And Easy” article from the “Welcome Page”, to it's own page. That way I can use the Welcome Page for adverstisements and give the article it's own special page. I think it look better this way and I can make better links to it also.
     July 20, 2012 (Friday) - I upgraded the “Inkscape Filter Views” site. I just added a few graphics and made a few small edits. I also updated the “Learn HTML & CSS” page. I just added a few graphics to the page. I think it makes it look a bit better.
     July 23, 2012 (Monday) - I changed the saying on my “Learn HTML & CSS” article page. I changed it because I wanted it to be a little more encouraging and insightful.
     July 30, 2012 (Monday) - I did a major upload of my website(s). I converted my "Main" site and a couple of other sites to hand coded HTML CSS. I still have a little more to do on that, but I wanted to get them up on the internet so I can check all of my links and stuff to make sure they are right. I added a couple of pages to a couple of my sites, but they are not completely finished yet. I only have a little bit more to convert to hand coded HTML CSS and then I can start working more on the content to get my site completely updated.
     August 18, 2012 (Saturday) - I finished converting my Best Christmas Movies website to hand coded HTML & CSS and uploaded it to my internet web hosting server. I added one more movie to the Best Christmas Movies List; "Alone In The Wilderness". I only have a little more to do and my entire website will be all hand coded HTML & CSS.
     August 22, 2012 (Wednesday) - I finished converting my Frye Apartments website to hand coded HTML CSS and uploaded it to my internet web hosting server. I have finally finished converting my entire website(s) to hand coded html and css. Now I can start working on finishing up the content on the webpages that still need it and I have a few new websites to put up on my website. (LOL)
     August 25, 2012 (Saturday) - I did some minor editing on a few of the philosophy banners at the top of my SMARiTT Book pages. I added an "i" to the word "subsidiary" on Page 13 and I added the words "& Health" on page 61.
     October 28, 2012 (Sunday) - I added a Happy Halloween Page. I have an article or two to write for it, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
     October 29, 2012 (Monday) - I added a page to my Donations site and finished a page that was already there. I still have a bunch of work to do on that part of my website. I also did a little updating of a couple of other pages, but it was mostly, only aesthetic.
     October 30, 2012 (Tuesday) - I updated my Computers Free Stuff & More Home Page. I just added a few advertisements and tried to make it look a little better.
     December 28, 2012 (Friday) - I posted some Pictures Of Me on my About Me website section.
     January 6, 2013 (Sunday) - I did a little editing on my Best Christmas Movies site. I added a couple of paragraphs to the "Alone In The Wilderness" page and I did some minor editing on a couple of the other pages. I wasn't planning on it, but I was just reading through it again and I saw a couple of things I wanted to change/edit and decided to add a little more to the one above.
     January 15, 2013 (Tuesday) - I did a major reorganization of my website. I did have to move a few pages around to make it neater for myself to organize; So if you had any of those pages bookmarked, the web address has changed. You will always be able to find any of my webpages by going to the Welcome Page first and then just follow the links from there. That page will always be in the same place and the name of the page will always be the same. My Main Page should always be in the same place also. I did change the name of the Sitemap page for this reorganization, however, I shall do my best to keep it where it is at now and not rename it anymore.
     Most of the work I did on my website was all in the background, which means that none of it will be noticeable to the internet user, accept, unless, you had some of the pages I moved around bookmarked. In this case you will have to update your bookmarks. Sorry. I try not to do this too much, but as your website gets bigger, it can become necessary to make it easier to manage and upgrade. Thanks for coming to my website.