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Website History Archives Pg 2

My Website History Archives Page 2
     May 8, 2012 (Tuesday) - … Continued …     I will still continue to make most of my webpages with iWeb for now, because it is easier and faster, and iWeb has some really good features to make it a breeze to make webpages and manage a (my) website. However, I will probably start making some hand coded pages, because “it is kind of easy and fun”, and I find it necessary since I am not sure if Apple is going to upgrade iWeb to keep the code current with which whatever way the consortium may go with the internet browsers.
     May 9, 2012 (Wednesday) - I changed the “Back To List” link in my Best Christmas Movies website, on the movie review pages. The original link was on the left side. I put it in the middle now, because I thought it would be easier to see for most people. I also did some minor editing of some of my other pages and checked the links on this page to make sure they are current due to the web address change.
     May 12, 2012 (Saturday) - I uploaded a new hand coded html page. It is just a Dummy Page, so that I can upload some of my other hand coded pages in which the links aren’t set yet. I won’t put any links to them from any of my other pages until they are fully functional, however, if someone should find one or two of them with a search or something, I think it would be better for the links to go to a page that explains why the links aren’t set yet, rather than, have them not work at all. Plus, having the links made in the htmls makes it easier for me to copy and paste over them, rather than having to put them in later. ( Note: I removed this page because I don't really need or use it anymore. )
     May 18, 2012 (Friday) - I changed my Chlamydia website a bit. I hand coded the book webpages and added the text webpages. I changed the Intro Page and the other pages a bit in iWeb and reposted them. I am still working on hand coding them also.
     May 19, 2012 (Saturday) - I edited the “Welcome Page” article just a little bit. A few minor changes, but I think it is a little better. I also decide to reformat this (Website Archives) page. I decided that it would read better this way. Originally, I had the page read from the bottom up. I did it that way because I thought, if anyone uses this page, that they would want to read the most current stuff first, so I wanted the current stuff to be at the top. However, reading from the bottom up might make it a little harder to keep track of, so I decided to do it the logical way and put it the way most people are used to. Now, it reads from the top down, the way most people are used to reading, and finding the most current entries is still just as easy, so I think it is a bit better this way.
     I also removed the Proofread, Edit info from the bottom of this page. I don’t think I really need it on this page, because, when this page is changed, it will be reflected in and,or by adding a new entry. Plus, I keep forgetting to change it everytime I add something new to this page anyway.
     I only put that info at the bottom of other pages for the readers info; so that the reader can know how current or old the article or articles on that page are. Alot of times, when I am looking stuff up on the internet and I find an article, I need to know when the article was written to see how current it is. Especially when it comes to computer stuff. Old articles definitely have some intrinsic value, but, newer articles would be more up to date on how things have changed since then, or what is current now. So, adding that info at the bottom of my pages is just to try and let the reader know how old it is for said reasons.
     June 1, 2012 (Friday) - I posted a new page to my “Computers - Free Stuff & More” website. “Color Names”. I have been convert my website to hand coded HTML and I like using the Color Names for my CSS formatting. They are easy to use, so I made a page for them so I can see them in an easier view. I will be writing an article about that soon and posting it in the same place.
     June 3, 2012 (Sunday) - I posted another new page to my “Computers - Free Stuff & More” website. “Web Safe Fonts View”. I just put it together quickly so that I could see the fonts together, that way I could decide easier, which ones I wanted to use for a particular page or article. I will probably do a better job of it later.
     June 12, 2012 (Tuesday) - I have been working on converting my SMARiTT website to hand coded HTML. I have my book pages almost done. I was planning on posting the whole site all at once, but I decided to post the main links SMARiTT page sooner. I just finished upgrading it today.
     I have also been doing some minor upgrades and touch ups of some of my other pages over the last couple of weeks.
     June 18, 2012 (Monday) - I uploaded another new page to my “Computers - Free Stuff & More” website. “Border Views”. I just made the page quickly so that I could see the HTML - CSS borders in a quick view. I have been working to convert my website to hand coded HTML & CSS and I have used a few borders around a few things here and there, so I made the page to see which ones I wanted to use. I will probably do a better job with it a little later. You can use borders in all kinds of different way.
     June 30, 2012 (Saturday) - I finished converting my “SMARiTT Book” website to hand coded HTML & CSS. I still have a little bit to do, but I just wanted to get it up and posted.
     July 14, 2012 (Saturday) - I have uploaded a new website in my “Computers - Free Stuff & More” section. The new site is “Inkscape Filter Views”. I am kind of learning how to use Inkscape for making some really cool graphics and I wanted to be able to see all of the filters so that I could go through them and be able to choose the ones I want to use for my little graphics making ventures. So I decided to put them in HTML and upload them to my site so you can use it too.     … Continued …