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My Website History Archives Page 1
     April 4, 2009 (Saturday) - I started my “Mobile Me” account with "Apple Inc." to publish my book about Chlamydia and to start my website, and to also publish my other work, and to try and get some help with the legal cases I have against the SMARiTT people using SMARiTT to keep me down and without everything.
     June, 2009 - Posted my book on Chlamydia
     Note: - I didn’t keep track of (a log of) my website like this when I first started it. I had no experience maintaining or having a website. I just started to do it like this on June 29, 2011. So I don’t know when I posted most of my stuff before this. I will however try to update this page when I post new stuff. That way, if you like my work and want to check my site from time to time, to see if I have posted any new stuff, you can. Just check this page, to see if I have or not.
     June 29, 2011 (Wednesday) - I added this (Website Archives) page to try and keep a log of the changes to my website. I changed the aesthetics of some of my other webpages. I changed the “Welcome Page” and I did a little upgrading of my website overall. Mostly aesthetic. I didn’t add any new, real content to my website, except on this page.
     June 30, 2011 (Thursday) - I did a few small edits on this page.
     July 3, 2011 (Sunday) - I have been working the last couple of days upgrading the aesthetics of my websites. I redid My Poem page and did some minor editing and proofreading on some of my other pages. I still have a few more pages to upgrade. Mostly just the graphical appearances.
     July 8, 2011 (Friday) - I upgraded the main banner on my SMARiTT Page. No new, real content has been added. I did a very little bit a editing too.
     July 23, 2011 (Saturday) - I upgraded the “About My Website” website. I added a page to it and changed the format a little bit. I haven’t added any new, real content yet.
     August 10, 2011 (Wednesday) - I upgraded a little more of the aesthetic of my website. Not really worth mentioning, but I decided too anyway.
     August 11, 2011 (Thursday) - I upgraded “My Email Address” content on my “Contact Me” page. I just added a couple of paragraphs.
     August 15, 2011 (Monday) - I added my address to my SMARiTT Flyer 1. I will start handing them out again. Still haven’t received any email from anyone pertaining to my site.
     October 6, 2011 (Thursday) - I added another page to my Frye Formal website. October 3, 2011 Letter about Bank Statements.
     January 5, 2012 (Thursday) - I just upgraded some of the graphics on some of my webpages. Primarily the main link bars. Also did some very minor editing. No new real content has been added.
     January 12, 2012 (Thursday) - I posted a new page to my “About My Website” Section entitled “About My Links”. I have been meaning to do it for a while, and found it necessary when I was testing some of my links and one of them took me to a “Reported Attack Sites” webpage.
     January 24, 2012 (Tuesday) - I changed my “About Me” Webpage. I just removed the old stuff and started a new format in which I can expand on. I didn’t really add a whole lot of content yet.
     January 27, 2012 (Friday) - I added a new site. Best Christmas Movies. I know it is a bit past Christmas, but it took me a couple of weeks to create it. I Also did some upgrading or changing of a few of the other pages over the last couple of days.
     March 26, 2012 (Monday) - I updated my “Contact Me” page and did some minor editing.
     March 31, 2012 (Saturday) - I posted a new page. My “Computers - Free Stuff & More” homepage. It is not linked to anything yet, but I find it neccessary to post it, so I can set all of my links to it properly and be able to set my links from it appropriately also. The larger your website gets, the more links and pages you have to keep up with. Hooray !!
     April 11, 2012 (Wednesday) - I switched to a new webhosting service. It took me a couple of days to move my entire website to the new address. Most of my pages are linked within the folders so I didn’t have to change too many of my links.
     May 8, 2012 (Tuesday) - I posted a new “Welcome Page”. I replaced the old one with my new, first, hand coded html page. (You can check the source code with your browser). The top of the page is pretty much the same as the old one, but I added an article about learning html and css to the bottom of it. It is were I started to learn how to hand code webpages.     … Continued …