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     On These Pages is where I will try to keep a log of the changes I make to my website. This way, if anyone wants to check back with my website to see if there is any new content, changes, or posts that may be worth reading, they can.
     May 4, 2013 (Saturday) - I made 2 proof reading edits in the philosophy bars on 2 pages of my SMARiTT Book. One on page 28 and one on page 87.
     June 20, 2013 (Thursday) - I edited the saying in the philosophy box on my "Best Christmas Cartoons" Page. I think it reads a little better now.
     August 4, 2013 (Sunday) - I notice that the titles of the movie pictures on my Best Christmas Movies and Best Christmas Cartoons site were all the same. These are on the individual pages of my little reviews. (When you put the mouse pointer over a picture on a webpage, if the creator of the webpage puts titles in the image tag, a little tool tip will pop up with the title of the picture the webpage maker put in it.) All of the pictures of the movies and cartoons were all titled the same. I know when I made this site back in January of 2012, that I checked and double checked everything while I was making it, and I checked and double checked everything after I posted it, including the picture titles. I Also, every couple of months or so, go through my entire website(s), just to check everything out again. This is/was obviously a "hack bug". A hack bug is what I call the SMARiTT guy, using SMARiTT to hack my computer and my websites. This is not the first time this has happened. They/he/she has done many other things to my work and my website and a whole lot more through SMARiTT. By doing this, it makes me have to be even more thorough and meticulous to maintain the character and accuracy of my website and my other work. Not only is this damaging, criminal, irritating, harassing, and more, but it causes me to have to spend countless extra hours, doing more work, just to try and keep my work and my website maintained properly. It is also designed to make my website look unprofessional, low rate, low quality, and to make me look like I am unprofessional, incompetent, and incapable of being a professional. This further damages my integrity, credibility, good name, and can lower any possible revenues I may be able to make off of my website and my other work. Obviously, the SMARiTT people know this and it is their intention in doing it. Plus, I think they just enjoy giving people pain and harassing them while they watch them on SMARiTT TV and play with people for their toys,, robbing them of their real lives, and stealing their mail from the United States Post Office and stealing their emails from the internet, and a whole lot more...
     September 30, 2013 (Monday) - I noticed that the copyright dates at the bottom of my main webpages were out of date. My main webpages are the pages in my top most link bar that is on every page in my website. The copyright dates were for 2012. I know I changed them at the beginning of 2013 to 2013. This is definitely another "hack bug". By the hack bug doing this, it makes my website look old and outdated, and as if I don't keep it up and current. This could deter people from wanting to browse my website, just because it seems old and outdated. Also, the legal ramifications of changing and altering my copyright dates or even any of my text, or writings, or work can be pretty severe. If the SMARiTT people wanted to make a case out of it, they could pull one of their legal mumbo jumbo technicalities and say, because of that, it renders my publications illegitimate, inadmissible, and,or discreditable. Since the SMARiTT people are the judges, lawyers, law enforcement officials, government officials, and more,, it means they can deliberately sabotage and damage a person's pursuit of justice and,or case,, and pretend you can't prove anything, because you don't have access to SMARiTT, but they do. SMARiTT needs to come out, so that we can all have access to the truth.
     October 11, 2013 (Friday) - I finished and put in Google Analytics Code in all of my webpages in my website. Now I should be able to track and monitor all of the traffic to my website and webpages.
     April 16, 2016 (Saturday) - Long Interlude.
     Obviously I haven't been keeping up with updating this part of my website.
     Sometimes it seems like a bit much to log every change to my website here. Especially when it is just technical stuff or stuff like that.
     I have upgraded and posted much more content on my Frye Formal website and I have added a few more pages here and there. I am also running for President of the United States of America. (Be sure to check that part of my website out.)
     However, I don't think I am going to be using/updating this part of my website for a while. I may decide to continue with it again, sometime in the future, but then again I may not. I just haven't decided yet. Thanks for coming to my website and reading my articles.